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10 best Unistone worktop materials for 2018

Are you looking for the  best Unistone worktop materials for 2018 ? then you are in right place Unistone is a popular brand of worktop materials which are popular for their durability, affordability, and long shelf-life. The materials are up to 90% quartz which is bound to the resin. A renowned BRETON technology is used for producing Unistone surfaces which provide them with the right hardness. Apart from this, the materials are also acid-resistant, smudge- and scratch-resistant, antibacterial, and food-safe.

If you are planning to buy a Unistone worktop material soon, we have created a list of our top 10 recommendations which you can prefer in 2018.

  1. Unistone Carrara Misterio

Carrara Misterio by Unistone is one of the most popular offerings from the brand due to the flawless manner in which this surface resembles the beautiful Carrara marble. The refined and thick veins throughout the white background of Unistone Carrera Misterio efficiently add freshness and style to any space where the surface is used.

Unistone Carrara Misterio
Unistone Carrara Misterio


  1. Unistone Calacatta Toscane

Unistone Calacatta Toscane has a pure white base adorned with arrays of grey veins which perfectly bring out the elegance and beauty of the world-popular Italian Calacatta Tuscany marble. The surface is available in Letano, Velluto, and Polished finished for several different applications; making it suitable for any type of designs including modern and contemporary, traditional, rustic, eclectic and many more by offering a surface highly resistant to staining, scratches and accidental impact at affordable prices when compared to other brands with the same technology behind its manufacturing processes.


  1. Unistone Bianco Assoluto

Bianco Assoluto is another white quartz surface from Unistone but unlike most other white surfaces from the brand, this one doesn’t feature any veins, patterns, or designs. Unistone Bianco Assoluto is an ideal choice for people looking to create a simple and soothing ambiance with a surface that offers durability, resistance and value for money when it comes to investments in any home.


  1. Unistone Carrara Venatino

Carrara Venatino also resembles the Venatino variety of the Italian Carrara marble although displaying striking grey veining on this surface are more defined when compared to the best-selling as compared to Carrara Misterio quartz stone. If you are looking to add some drama to your kitchen or bathroom, Unistone Carrara Venatino can be a great choice as it blends well with any environments, offering a durable material that can withstand the most demanding tasks.


  1. Unistone Cemento

Industrial decor is now very popular among homeowners in the UK. While several different accents and elements are fused together to create a unique industrial look, nothing conveys a contemporary industrial design like the Unistone Cemento surface. The dark grey surface of the surface truly interprets cement and concrete building materials to any place where it is used.


  1. Unistone Bianco Extreme

Unistone Bianco Extreme is a pure off-white quartz surface which can be easily combined with other surfaces or colours to create a unique decor at home. The surface is available in multiple finishes and can be teamed with surfaces in black, grey, wine, aqua, or teal to create something exclusive.


  1. Unistone Cinza

Cinza is another popular and affordable quartz surface from the brand. The Unistone Cinza surface has white veins on grey backdrop which enables you to add the natural feel of marble to your home without worrying about the stains or maintenance.


  1. Unistone Nero Galactica

If theatricals and showmanship are what you like and want your home to demonstrate as well, Unistone Nero Galactica can be an amazing option. The dazzling black stone with mirror-like flecks throughout makes it look trendy and one-of-kind. As the surface is antibacterial, it can be a great choice for kitchen installations too.


  1. Unistone Grey Savoye

The French Grey Savoye marble is very popular for its beauty. With Unistone Grey Savoye, you can get the beauty of this popular marble along with the benefits of quartz surfaces. The grey base of the surface with random white veins is perfect to add the right amount of elegance to any surrounding.


  1. Unistone Bianco Carrara

The opaque white tone of the surface and the way it interprets the beloved Italian Bianco Carrara marble has made Unistone Bianco Carrara a popular choice among homeowners in the UK. Be it a space with a classy or contemporary decor, the surface is highly versatile and would easily blend with any kind of decor.


These are 10 of the top Unistone worktop materials that you can look at as a choice for interior surfaces in 2018. If you are unable to decide one yourself, feel free to consult a professional to make the best decision. A decision that would help you create your dream home like you always wanted it to be.this are the 10 best Unistone worktop materials for 2018 

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