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Even though we may have felt and looked invincible in our 20s, we were not working for it. That was just the way we were. Fortunately, the realization has begun to dawn upon us that in order to look young, healthy and sexy as we grow older, we must adopt some good habits. You can never do too much after all! Before any serious damage has been done, let’s get rid of the unhealthy habits. You can feel and look younger by following these 10 ways right now:

Put your Cigarettes Out

While smoking may seem harmless, it doesn’t only increase your risk of cancer, it also ages your appearance dramatically. You might have noticed that or thought, do cigarettes expire? When you smoke, did the thought ever occur to you?

Do you smoke and do not check your cigarettes to see if there are any expiration dates on them? You will suffer serious health consequences from this.

A smoker looks 1.4 years older on average than a nonsmoker because they have fine lines, wrinkles, yellowed teeth, and yellowed fingers. When wrinkles appear on a young, cigarette-smoking person, they look anything but wise.

Get your Core in Shape

When it comes to your 20s, you have the perfect opportunity to achieve six-pack abs! You’ll need to do more than crunches alone, however, to accomplish that. To lose belly fat and show off your toned core, combine toning exercises with high-intensity cardio intervals.

Change your Eating Habits

When you eat an unhealthy diet, you will not look and feel younger. Are you only left with a bottle of Red Bull and a few pizza leftovers in your refrigerator? Are you still relying on packaged foods? Oh no! There are still healthy food options you can choose from even if you don’t have the time to cook every night.

Do not Miss the Sweets

You are more likely to become obese after consuming a sugar-filled diet, but you will also see premature wrinkles, loose skin, and teeth or jaw erosion as well. Have you noticed that  why does my jaw hurt from time to time? In the meanwhile, you will find the answer when you consume sugary foods in excess.Processed foods like corn syrup are full of added sugars, too

Their value is higher than candy and soda. You should read the labels on your food and avoid anything with added sugars – such foods are unhealthy and are counterproductive to weight loss.

Drive-Through are Unnecessary

It’s true that fast food is cheap and easy to get, but it’s also the gateway to obesity and diabetes, neither of which are such great things to have. Chipotle burritos aren’t worth it – cooking with your roommate is fun anyway.

Getting Tanned is Harmful

Healthy glows can only be acquired through tanning beds. Skin cancer risks increase by 75 percent when you use a tanning bed frequently. Yeah! Also, it will result in tons of unattractive wrinkles.

Spend a Full 8 Hours in Bed

Despite the temptation to stay out till the club closes, your body will not function properly if you do not get enough sleep. If you party late into the night and then drink three giant coffees in the morning, you will have thin, dehydrated, wrinkle-prone skin. Sleep until midnight and have a night off. Your appearance and your overall well-being will be improved.

Apply Sunscreen Daily

You should always wear sunscreen, not just at the beach. Sun protection creams with built-in sun protection should be used from 10-4 to protect you from the sun. Do not let those expiration dates pass you by! Sunscreen contains nearly no nutrients, so you will not receive any protection from the sun.

Exercise and Meditate Every Day

Yoga and meditation reduce stress, which can lead to premature aging. Through stretching, yoga, and meditation, you can free your mind from all the worries and concerns of everyday life.

Regular Exercise is Essential

Keep your appearance and youthful feeling by doing cardio and resistance exercises regularly. You can reduce stress with exercise, and reduce your risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension by exercising regularly. Work out regularly to increase your energy and strength to enjoy the things you enjoy doing as long as you want.

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