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Anime, as you all know, is a form of Japanese animation is hugely popular in Japan and Asian countries. Whether kids or adults, anime has made its place in the heart of almost everybody now. When anime started, it was started with a purpose to entertain kids and were used to be shown on TV channels but as it started gaining popularity, many of the anime series were made especially for the adults so that the audience from across the world could be entertained.


People who love anime do not make any effort to watch real-life movies and they only love different anime series. One of the major reasons for the popularity of anime is its easy availability as you can easily watch and download different amazing anime series from websites like kissanime. Anime is definitely amazing and you cannot resist yourself from watching them. There are many advantages and few disadvantages of watching anime series and some of them will be discussed below.


Advantages of anime series

Some of the advantages of anime series are listed below

●      Easily available

Anime series are just amazing and available everywhere. In the beginning, anime series used to be shown only on television channels but as it started gaining popularity, it is available on the internet to download and stream which is why it is reachable to the mass audience and people love it.


●      Free of Cost

All thanks to some of the websites where you can stream different anime and download them as well, the popular anime series is just within the reach of your fingers nowadays. You can watch and download anime series of your choice on these websites and they don’t charge you even a single penny for it.


●      Different than other shows

Anime is totally different from any other cartoon or real-life shows that are shown on Television and this is the reason it is widely loved. When you watch anime, you don’t find any similarity of it from any other shows and hence you never get bored of it.


●      Wonderful for your child

If your child is a fan of anime series which most of the children nowadays are, he will never get involved in wrong directions and with wrong people. After coming back from school and completing his homework, if he watches anime, his life will be very disciplined and perfect.


Disadvantages of anime series

While there are many advantages of watching anime series, its disadvantages cannot be ignored as well. Below are some of the disadvantages of anime series.


●      Addiction

Since anime is extremely interesting and awesome and watching it is very much fun but the addiction to it can be very harmful to you. If you are watching anime without break, it can lead to depression as you will not get out of your home only. This can cause many physical and mental problems.

  • Aggressive in nature

Most of the anime series are aggressive in nature and is mostly based on fighting and killing enemies. If your child is watching such genres of anime, it can be harmful to him mentally as in his childhood only, he will be exposed to such harsh scenes.


  • Malware and adware

Most of the websites that stream anime contain malware and adware and people ignore them as they have an addiction to watch anime. When they click on the ads from those malicious websites, the computer of the user gets severely affected from virus and other malicious programs which destroys their system



These were some of the advantages and disadvantages of watching anime series and you can wisely decide if anime is appropriate for you and your child or not

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