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Everybody desires a flawless and full set of teeth throughout their entire lives. However, if you fail to better care for your dental health, you might require multiple dental procedures. In the worst-case situation, you might want to have your teeth extracted. There are numerous reasons why your tooth extractions Fairfield specialist may recommend a tooth extraction. Unfortunately, the thought of having a tooth extracted could be frightening, let alone the actual extraction itself. In certain instances, though, tooth extraction is important for a healthy smile and preserving good dental health. Here are a few indications that you need a tooth extraction.

  1.     Seriously Infected Tooth

A tooth that has just begun to deteriorate or has a minor cavity could be repaired using various methods. Nevertheless, restoring a highly infected and decaying tooth to its previous state is difficult. Even dental crowns hardly compensate for the amount of the tooth’s destruction. As such, the only option for removing the highly infected tooth is extraction. If you do not intend to remove your severely damaged tooth, the damage and infections could extend to neighboring healthy teeth, causing them to become compromised.

  1.     Tooth Crowding

You might well have crowded teeth for various causes. Your teeth could have developed unevenly, they may have moved into an unnatural position, or you could have a serious malocclusion (bad bite). Besides, overcrowding could result from a single large tooth jamming the rest of your teeth or having a double tooth.

Regardless of the reason, teeth crowding exerts strain on adjacent teeth and causes jaw discomfort and other dental issues. Moreover, overcrowded teeth may hinder other teeth from emerging, and if you require dental procedures, such as cleanings, it will be hard for your dentist to perform them effectively. For this reason, the most reasonable solution is to remove your overcrowded teeth.

  1.     Extremely Fragmented Tooth

A rapid impact or damage to the mouth could cause teeth to become shattered. These accidents reveal the inner tooth pulp and cause sensitivity in the teeth. A cracked tooth is more susceptible to decay and infection. Moreover, a shattered tooth frequently has uneven, sharp edges that could irritate the cheeks and tongue, which is a primary reason to undergo tooth extraction.

  1.     Severe Gum Diseases

Severe periodontitis, the last phase of gum disease, affects fewer individuals. Most patients at Freedom Dental are treated for periodontitis or gingivitis. However, people who disregard their gum disorders experience bleeding and receding gums. In this phase of gum disease, the tissues are severely compromised, resulting in tooth loss. In this situation, a tooth extraction is the only way to eliminate the condition.

Are you struggling with one or more of the concerns mentioned above? If so, reach out to Dr. Cheng Zhu at Freedom Dental to have your tooth pulled. As an infected tooth might lead to significant complications in the long term, you should not hesitate to schedule your consultation. While you might be concerned about the gap left by your extraction procedure, you will be relieved to know that your dentist may provide restoration procedures such as implants to fill this space. Call the Fairfield, CA office or use the online scheduling tool to arrange an appointment today.

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