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5 Plugins to Speed Up WordPress Websites

Nowadays, all the work is done on WordPress worldwide. Research shows about 40% of websites are built in WordPress. That’s a considerable number! For a website, speed is the essence of life. How fast your website opens up on various devices plays a critical role for visitors to get on to your website page. If you are a WordPress user, you must know that specific Plugins help speed up WordPress Websites. Experts are using these Plugins to accelerate WordPress Websites for work. Before moving forward, you must know what a Plugin is? The answer is that Plugin is software that helps to accelerate the capabilities of a program. You only have to install any Plugin, and you will notice the enhancement and boost-up of your WordPress Websites. To know about the 5 Plugins to Speed Up WordPress Websites, keep reading the article.


W3 – Total Cache


The first Plugin that can help you to Speed Up WordPress Websites is W3- Total Cache. It is highly preferable among the WordPress community and is trusted by millions of publishers worldwide. It increases the website’s performance by reducing the time to load the page via leveraging the integration of CDN. It helps to increase the overall performance of the website by 10%. It also improves the rate of your website, which has an effect on the ranking on Google. Due to the reduced page loading time, the number of visitors also increases. It is also reliable for mobile-friendly websites. The disadvantage of W3-Total Cache is that it is not easy to use, or in other words, it is not for beginners or non-tech people. Therefore, install it only if you have expertise in technology or are familiar with using these. 


WP Super Minify


Another Plugin that will Speed Up WordPress Websites is WP Super Minify. Images make any content appealing and more relevant. The use of images for different content is common, and people find it more attractive. Pictures with high resolution require large file sizes, making files more compact and difficult to load. WP Super Minify plugin has won an award for its image compression. The pixels of the image is not compromised as it reduces the size of the image without affecting the quality. Also, it can optimize up to fifty images at one time. It is ranked number one for its image quality and speed, making it easier to load your website. This Plugin only does the process of minification and no other optimizations, and only those who do not want any other function can use it. 


WP Rocket


It is the most user-friendly Plugin that can help to Speed Up WordPress Websites. It includes multiple functions, and you do not need to install extra plugins for some functions, such as image loading and database optimization. Its setup process is also easy compared to other plugins, which require a detailed study on them. 

The biggest disadvantage of WP Rocket is that it is not free like some other plugins and comes only in paid form. It can delay JavaScript execution time, which has a significant impact on image loading. Its preload bot can also cause the CPU to overload on some servers. 


WP Fastest Cache


WP focuses on caching and is a performance plugin. WP Fastest Cache is simple to use and also comes with a slot of different features. It is not too basic nor too advanced, but a balance of both, and that is what makes it unique. 

You can set cache expiration for certain URL strings. This Plugin is used by almost one million people and is also free with extra features. But it does not involve speed features, so you have to download different plugins for this purpose if you want those. It lacks hints for browser resources and also delays JavaScript. It is not elegant and fancy like other plugins and lacks attraction. This fact does not make it less than other Plugins, and for the fastest Cache, you must try WP Fastest Cache.


WP Optimize


WordPress creates copies of a page whenever a user adds a new post. As a blogger edits a post, WordPress makes multiple copies, leading to an inefficient database. WP-Optimize works by removing the unnecessary copies that result in slow access and help to clear memory space. It also includes different features like compression of images and allows you to cache your pages. All this makes it user-friendly, thus improving server response time. The cloud fare compatibility of WP-Optimize has been rated below 48% on the industrial level. Several users experience dissatisfaction over the slow download too. If you have not installed any Plugin, then go for WP-Optimize.


Those mentioned above are some fantastic plugins that will help you increase the speed of WordPress. Many leading websites have been using these plugins and achieving good results. To Credit loan one of them,, is the Credit Loan provider in Switzerland. Through this website, an individual can apply for a Credit Loan from CHF 5000 to CHF 250,000 with low interest based in Switzerland. A similar example you can also refer to the health insurance comparison website in Switzerland.


If you are using WordPress and it isn’t working fast, you can rely on these plugins to help you get your work done in a short while. You can create unique blogs on WordPress in a short time with these plugins. These plugins help the developers to create blogs easily by saving their time. All these Plugins have specific features and can enhance the working of your WordPress Websites. You must read the whole article to know about all these Plugins. Only then will you be able to choose the best one.


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