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5 Special Durian Cakes You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet!5 Special Durian Cakes You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet!

Durian lovers! Get in here! Have you ever tasted the popular Singaporian 4-layer fillings Mao Shan Wang durian cake? Or you’ve had something similar that is mushy with a deep touch of durian in it and you’re craving right now to have some more? Perhaps, you’re just bored of repeating the same old popular cakes or you’re unsatisfied and feel like Walmart has been ripping you off.

Regardless of what your durian cake issue may be, I have got you right here the perfect solution. In the next 5 minutes, I will discuss 5 special durian cakes from 10 different bakers you’re probably yet to know or try out yet. Otherwise, if you’d like to get the best durian cake munching experience from a highly-skilled and professional durian cake baker, not many cakes made from durian tastes this good.

Still here? Let’s start with durian cake number one below…

Creatures Durian Cake

Starting with this one from Creatures, this type of durian cake is made especially for those who want to enjoy the health benefits of consuming durian without having to experience the durian scent. Creatures durian cake is a pandan genoise sponge cake with pandan vanilla cream wrapped inside that makes it taste more like vanilla whilst still satisfying the cravings of all durian lovers at the same time.

Cat And Fiddle Durian Cheesecake

Even the meanest personality shows up their munching prowess by grinning at the front of the camera whenever you say cheese. If you’re a cheese lover who is looking to try something new without moving out of your comfort cheese zone, this cake from Cat and Fiddle is yours truly. It is a spongy Shan Wang durian cake with durian cream cheese as filling to align with your urge. Yay!

Temptations Cakes Durian Cakes

If you want something filling and whipping for a birthday or just to refuel that durian-mongering worm residing in you, this one from Temptations Cakes will get you chomping, gobbling, and smacking your lips. You might lose a lot of friends for making those awfully loud eating sounds but the durian custard cream wrapped within this fluffy vanilla sponge cake is all too tempting anyways.

Ice Edge Café Molten Lava Cake

Imagine a mushy cake oozing and erupting molten lava of sweet cream into your mouth once you open it. This durian cake from Ice Edge Café is meant for those who want to enjoy the life of their head like no man’s business. It comes in small sizes to be a one-man’s enjoyment. Yes, no sharing!

Durian Rainbow Ice Cream Cake

Looking for something colorful and sweet to grace your kid’s birthday? This durian rainbow ice cream cake is meant to pop eyes and make tastebuds active. The sweet ice cream of it is packed inside the sponge darian cake and will smoothly slip into your mouth while you’re busy claiming every taste of darian present in the cake itself. Yay!

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