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Criminal cases can ruin your life by putting you in big trouble. It can take your job, reputation, and a lot of money. If you have been named in a criminal lawsuit that you haven’t committed, you should take the right steps to defend yourself and get your conviction removed under the clean slate act Michigan

Expert criminal lawyers in San Francisco say that many people have to pay the price even if they didn’t commit a crime. It’s because they didn’t know what they should do after being falsely accused in a criminal case. In this article, you will know the five things to do if you have been named in a criminal lawsuit. 

Things to Do When Falsely Accused in A Crime

No doubt you should consult a criminal lawyer when you have been accused of a false criminal case. Learn more about what you should do to protect yourself. 


  • Hire a Reputed Criminal Lawyer


First and foremost, you should hire a reputed criminal lawyer as soon as you find that you have been falsely accused of a crime. Don’t make any impulsive decisions and tell everyone that you have been falsely accused. At that time, the criminal lawyer is the right person who can help and guide you. 

Don’t fear that the lawyer will judge you or something might go wrong. Just find a good lawyer who has experience in handling criminal cases. Tell everything as much as the detail about the incident that created the confusion, and you have been accused in the criminal lawsuit. Also, check when you should hire a lawyer


  • Note Down Details of the Incident


No matter what the incident was, it’s essential to note down the incident that led to the confusion. Although you might be confident that you can remember everything that happened in the incident, something can fade away from your memory. 

So, note down all the details of that incident on the Note Apps on your phone or on a sheet of paper. Mention the date, place, details of everyone present during that incident. Anything can be a piece of evidence that could help you get out of the case. 


  • Gather Evidence


Even if you haven’t committed the crime, you cannot prove it without evidence. You need solid evidence to prove yourself innocent and not guilty of any crime. For that, you should collect evidence that supports your story, and the opposition cannot prove that you were wrong. 

Hiring an attorney early can help them to analyze your evidence properly and build your case so that the lawyer can prove you were falsely accused. The evidence that you gather can help the lawyer to easily deal with the case and increase the chances of proving the acquisition as false. 


  • Get Contact Information of Witnesses


Another thing that you can do to support your case is contact as many witnesses as possible. Again, your attorney will need witnesses to get more clarity about the incident, and that will help the lawyer to build your case. 

Try to get the contact information of all the witnesses. If your evidence is not sufficient enough to prove you are not guilty, the witnesses can help you during a plea bargain. So, try to collect information such as the name, phone number, email of the witnesses. 


  • Don’t Contact the Accuser


Last but not least, don’t stay in contact with the accuser. Even if the accuser tries to contact you, don’t respond to them. Their lawyer and your lawyer should do the communication. Again, don’t say anything about the case to the police. 

Remember, you shouldn’t post anything about the case on social media. Any photos, comments, the information you post on social media about the incident can act against you. So, stay away from social media when you are falsely accused of a criminal case. 


Now that you know the steps you should take after being falsely accused of a criminal case, use them to your advantage. Remember, take every step regarding the matter after taking legal advice from your attorney. 

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