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Summertime is looked forward to by most.  No school, fresh lemonade, and late-night bonfires are just a few great things about the season.  Of course, with Summer comes the nearly unbearable heat. It makes it easier to stay inside and entertain ourselves with the latest technology.  As tempting as that is, there is technology available to keep you cool during this season.


The Eva Polar Evalight is an evaporative cooling system.  It uses cooled, evaporated water to cool the air. 

The small system works when plugged into a USB, and in addition, comes with two batteries to make it more portable. 

The Evalight is more for personal use than cooling the entire house (or apartment).  That being said, if you need a cooler living space but don’t want to run the AC every day, this alternative will save you money.

Emberwave Bracelet

Given its sleek design, the Emberwave can easily be mistaken for a smartwatch.  However, it has a different function.  

The bracelet is controlled through a smartphone.  It can be used to warm you up or cool you off.  

To do this, the bracelet uses thermal waves.  On your smartphone, you can tell it what you want it to do and set a desired temperature difference or a time interval for it to do its work. 

It can be used in every setting, including at home, work, exercise, and even sleep.  It’s great if you need something small and on the go.

Cooling Ice Vest

 One of the most practical things on this list is the Cooling Ice Vest.  The product is made of mesh material and contains four ice packs. 

The ice vest will last up to three hours.  In this case, the simple garment has many uses, including sports, sickness, and everyday life.  If you get heat sick (as many in my family do), then this tool would be a massive help.

 If you don’t think the device will help you, you might still have use for one if you had a furry companion.  In addition to human use, these vests have been made for dogs as well.


Perhaps your issue with temperature doesn’t come with the daytime, but rather at night when you are trying to sleep.  Your body temperature has to drop before you go to sleep.  

The Bedjet cooling system is a bed system to help you control your bed temperature at night.  You can control it remotely from your phone and set it to cool off or warm up your bed at night.

If you and your partner have different preferred temperatures for sleeping the Bedjet has a solution for this too.  It can set different temperatures for different sides of the bed.  

If you are interested, but unsure of this system, you can find some alternatives to this gadget here at this website.

Arctic Squeeze Mist Water Bottle

One of the most essential things in any weather is staying hydrated.  In the heat, our bodies lose water faster because of sweat.

In addition to holding water like any other water bottle, the arctic squeeze can keep the water cold for several hours. And when you’re burning up from the heat, simply squeeze it, and it will release a cold mist to help cool you off.


Portable Fans are good to have.  Many people underestimate how useful they be due to their size, but a small breeze to cool you off works wonders.

Now, there is a portable USB fan that can plug right into your phones charging dock.  Rather than worry about batteries, for flimsy fans, you can take this guy, who will be able to run thanks to your phone, and has a very sturdy design.

These gadgets can run off your phone for a surprising five hours.

Warm weather is often great…for about a week.  Afterword, many people do everything they can to escape the heat.  A temperature that’s too hot outside can have adverse effects on health, ranging from dehydration to heatstroke.  We can’t control mother nature, but we can aid ourselves in combating the heat. These gadgets, along with many others, are here to help.

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