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Are you planning to take your mother, father, or grandfather on vacation? Well, we appreciate your endeavor to take them out so that they feel fresh and rejuvenated too. Senior citizens always love some attention. What could be a better way of showing you care than when you are holidaying with them?! But it is important to take maximum protection and precautions when you are travelling with the elderly. 

Ø  Keep in mind these pointers when travelling with elders! 

Whether it is a casual trip, an essential one (say, a medical tour), or visiting a family or friend, some precautions are imperative when seniors are touring! They are vulnerable because of their age. Sometimes, health issues and any inconveniences during the journey can become a massive setback since help may not be adequate and up-to-the-mark when on the move.You need to check the Best time to visit Egypt if you are planning Egypt viist with your parents.To ensure their maximum safety, follow these tips without fail:

o    Book everything beforehand –

Whether it is the cab service or the accommodation or the flight tickets, ensure you are booking everything ahead of time when travelling with senior citizens. They might not be able to stand in a long queue with you or keep hopping from one place to another.

o    Avail Maximum State privileges –

Almost all countries confer some benefits and facilities for senior citizens. You can avail those advantages when travelling with them. For instance, many countries provide tickets at half the price for citizens above 60 years, while some may get a more comfortable seat on the flight, and so on. When you avail of these benefits, you don’t just save a lot while travelling, but your elderly companion enjoys many comforts too.

o    Go for travel insurance –

There is special travel insurance available for senior citizens. They get medication and accident coverage facilities via these plans. Some of the companies even provide coverage for luggage theft. Naturally, opting for such insurance safeguards your travel to a great extent.

o    Go for vacation rentals rather than hotels –

With senior citizens, convenience and comfort should be your priority. And this won’t be possible in a hotel. There will be stairs, escalators, and even rooms suitable for youngsters, but elders often find difficulty adjusting amidst the glitz and hustle of a hotel. However, you can go for short term rentals in Atlanta from Kasa. Situated in a prime location, this apartment offers a homely feel with a touch of luxury. Your elderly companion shall take joy in barbecuing in their backyard, relaxing on the loungers in their shallow-water pool, the convenience of having many attractions nearby, and so much more. When you hire a vacation home, you can tailor-make your perks. Whether you need a fitness centre, an on-site laundromat, or a personal kitchen to prepare meals, you can take your pick. Basically, this setup will be entirely like home and naturally most suitable for the elders.

o    Keep the medications handy –

You never know when the senior citizens will require their medicine. They could be diabetic, suffer from high blood pressure, or even experience fatigue due to the hectic travel. If you keep their medication in your handbag, you can use them immediately if needed. They may also need some daily dose of medicines, which they should not miss – and the onus is on you.  

o    Travel light –

If you have a habit of carrying lots of extra stuff while traveling, you have to learn to pack light. It is already a bit tough to help a senior citizen while travelling. Along with this, if you have to carry overloaded luggage, it becomes way more difficult.

In the end, remember to enjoy to the fullest and make this journey a beautiful one for your elders. Yes, they might be a bit cranky because of all the stress and hardships, but you will have to be patient with them throughout the journey. Best of luck and be careful. Remember, there is nothing that your genuine care, warmth, and smile cannot conquer.

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