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High-Quality Videos

Since Youtube launched in 2005, the video-sharing and social media giant has broken many records. It is the second most popular search engine in the world. With such a massive platform available for businesses and customers, it is only logical to leverage it for your Digital marketing campaigns. 

Recent research found that 79% of customers would rather watch a video than read long chunks of text to learn about a product or a brand. This means that the opportunity to reach your target customers on Youtube and other video-sharing platforms like Facebook and Instagram is massive. But before you go on a mission to create your channel, it is also vital to know that editing videos can be quite overwhelming. 

Just like making content requires a mix of passion and creativity, editing videos also requires thoughtfulness. With attention spans getting shorter, your videos must have many compelling elements to make the viewers hold on to your channel.

Below we have created a list of valuable tips and tricks on editing videos that you can use to maximize your viewership on social media platforms and grow your company into a brand. Let’s dive right into it!

1. Have a game plan ready

It is a no-brainer that every good business move requires strategic planning. The same applies here. During editing, it is vital to determine the goal of the video first and then move towards pulling all the pieces together. For instance, when putting out an educational video for your consumers, the editing style and format will differ from that of a promotional video. The vision of how you want to showcase the story in your video makes a cosmic difference. 

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before the editing phase:

  • What is the goal of the video?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the format of the video going to be?
  • Where will you distribute the video?

Based on these questions, you can create a structure that bests suits your vision. 

2. Arm yourself with the right video-editing tool

In the process of quality video editing, the editing tool plays an important role. For editing high-definition videos, it is best to invest in a good 4k video editor movie maker with advanced features. If you are at the beginner stage there are tools available that you can use without special skills. You can go through the tutorials and learn how to use every feature so even a beginner can edit the videos very easily. Video editing can be very easy and quick with the right tool. Nowadays there are many tools available in the market but not every tool comes with the latest features that are not affecting the quality of your videos. So it’s very important to check out the tools with trials and then go ahead with investing in the best.

3. Avoid adding effects that can distract viewers

It can be enticing to add multiple effects or use a loud musical sequence to improve the aesthetic appeal of your footage. But this can quickly turn into a nightmare for viewers. The idea behind editing every video is to engage the viewers and not distract them from the core subject. Every editing technique has its time and place, and it is best to use it wisely. Using instrumental music and subtle animation is considered a rule of thumb. Besides adding music and effects, you should adjust the frame and remove any sensitive information.  

4. Focus on graphics and text styles

Adding eye-popping title sequences and graphics can improve the aesthetic appeal of your videos significantly. You can experiment with different graphic elements and text styles to spice up the mood and help the viewers better understand the context. From creating a spectacular opening for your videos with bold and highlighted text to adding visual elements towards the ending, you should integrate graphics and text styles tactfully. 

5. Master the art of making cuts

Mastering cuts is one of the most fundamental and dynamic skills any video editor should have. Whether you are aiming for constraining wide shots or making tight cuts, it is vital to focus on a single idea at a time. A cut out of nowhere can be frustrating for viewers as it can break the flow of the story. A rule of thumb is to make cuts during motions, but it is best to ensure that they are purposeful.  

6. Strive for clarity in color combinations

Having an attractive color palette sets the tone and mood of the story. A bright scheme emphasizes a happy and cheerful mood, while black and grey tones showcase a serious and noir setting. While editing videos, it is best to note that the color combinations should directly reflect your brand. For beginners, it is best to understand color theory and then use it for your videos.  

7. Don’t forget to add the finishing touches!

Now that you have made a rough edit of your video, it is time to add the finishing touches. Going the extra mile to enhance your video quality will keep your audience engaged in watching more. From adding an end screen to your video to making editing revisions to adding the finishing touches to your project.  

Finally: Keep learning and hustling as you go!

In the beginning, creating and editing a quality video may seem scary, but it is a growing curve for any aspiring entrepreneur or marketer. Your skills will advance with time as you learn to explore the software and learn how to use its multiple features. Once you get started, it will lead to a satisfactory journey that will accelerate long-term growth for your company. Hopefully, the above-listed tips helped you become a better artist! Good luck!

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