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The reason most bettors take the leap into soccer betting is that it seems easy. It can seem to be thrilling, but it is not as simple as you may think. There are different types of betting markets and soon you will find that the real money is not made in a bet about which side is going to win a match. So if you are a beginner and want to bet on football like the best soccer tipsters, you should know about the following points.

Advantages of Betting on Soccer

There are many advantages of betting on football, especially when compared to other types of sports. The most noticeable of these advantages include the following:

  • A vast range of betting markets, which translates into lots of opportunities for making big money
  • Availability of all the required data
  • Widespread sports coverage

You can bet on almost any sub-event related to a soccer match, including the number of corners, cards, and much more. Now that you know why it is so popular, you should keep the following points in mind as a beginner soccer punter.

1. Learn the Basics

When it comes to soccer betting basics, there is so much to be considered. You should clear these basics even if you are an experienced bettor. The different areas involved are as follows:

  • The mechanics of soccer betting
  • Learn about different types of bets
  • Understand the odds against each type of bet
  • Learn about probability and value

2. Types of Soccer Bets

While this is covered above, it is such a vast topic that it needs a separate mention. This is perhaps because football has more types of bets than almost any other sport. If you want to succeed like the best soccer tipsters, make sure that you fully understand these different betting markets:

  • Double chance
  • Draw no bet
  • Handicap or Asian Handicap
  • Correct score bet
  • Half time result
  • Half-time/full-time result
  • First and last goal scorer
  • Over/under
  • Both teams to score
  • Scorecasts
  • Accumulators

Soccer betting is not just about betting on who is going to win. It goes much deeper and some of these lesser-known betting markets can offer you much bigger odds and profits.

3. Your Preferred Betting Markets

You should choose a few betting markets that you understand the best. This is the simplest rule of sports betting and making correct predictz predictions today. It is also important to consider the leagues and cups that you will be betting on. This decision can be simpler if you already follow football. If you are a fan of the EPL or La Liga, you should stick to betting to these leagues.

It may feel tempting to bet on different types of markets and leagues. The best soccer tipsters don’t follow that approach. They are specialized in certain areas. And you should also follow the same strategy.

4. Learn About the Factors

If you want to succeed as a football bettor, you should learn how to make predictz predictions today. This requires you to learn about the different types of actors that affect each match. Some of the examples of key factors include:

  • Current team & player forms
  • Team schedules
  • Head to head match records
  • Team quality
  • Playing style
  • Home/away records
  • Key player injuries & suspensions

This requires searching for respective data and coming up with your own conclusions.

While you learn about these basics, it is also important to learn how to avoid the simplest of mistakes. So make sure to follow all these points as a beginner to bet like the experts.

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