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Facebook Top 5 Free Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook is an outcome of the latest technology but despite such latest features, it still misses one thing. It gives the users no option to directly save the videos on their devices. The fb video downloads brings you the solution to this problem. It is an online video downloader and video converter that allows you to download as many videos as you want. Fb Video Downloader provides you with its high quality services free of cost.

This Facebook Video Downloader allows you to convert the videos from Facebook to various formats such as MP4, MP3, WMV, MVO and many others that you can choose from the list.

The steps for downloading and conversion of the respective are same,

  • Copy the URL of the video from the Facebook
  • Pate the URL in the given bar on the Facebook Video Downloader page
  • Click the “download” or “convert” button as per your demand

You can download the software on your device as well as you can use the online chrome extension to avail the services. Once you activate the chrome extension, it gives you a download button on all videos every time you play them. You can then download from there directly by clicking “download.”


  • YouTube – Download unlimited video from YouTube
  • Facebook – Download unlimited video from Facebook
  • SoundCloud – Download unlimited video from SoundCloud
  • 29 other social video platform are included

FBDOWN is an online video downloading website that provides you with advanced services that are completely free of cost. It has no link with Facebook by any way neither it promotes it nor it represents it. It simply allows you to download your favorite videos from Fb to enjoy later or as many times as you want to by keeping your identity anonymous. Facebook is the largest social media platform but it has not any video downloading options. FBDOWN allows you to download videos from Facebook directly to your device following a simple procedure. Various devices including desktop, android and others are supported by FBDOWN.

As per your browser and the operating system, the videos you download are saved in the download folder, not anywhere in the downloader itself. In order to search the video, go to the downloads folder or set it to favorite.

Within a matter of few minutes, it gives you smooth and efficient results.

Technology is advancing rapidly and the number of social media apps is increasing remarkably. Each platform has a huge video content to entertain the users but there is no option to download the videos directly from the source. Getfivid is one of the largest online video downloading and conversion sites. This free online tool allows you to convert your desired videos from Facebook to any format i-e MP4 and MP3. Computers, tablets and other mobile devices support Getfivid easily and you get effective outcome within a couple of minutes.

Following a simple and straightforward procedure, your video is ready to be viewed,

  • ·Copy the URL
  • · Paste the URL from Facebook to the given box
  • · Click download and choose the desired format to convert your videos.

Avail the free and safe services of Getfivid. No registration, software installation or account login is required. Enjoy high resolution videos simply on one click,.

In the age where Facebook has taken over all minds, still there is no option introduced by it to download the videos from newsfeed. SaveAs is an online video downloader that allows you to download your desired videos from Facebook. This online tool is completely free to use. It not only allows you to download the videos but it also gives you an option to convert the videos from Facebook to mp4 format. SaveAs itself does not save the videos but only allows you to download. You can save it in your required folder after downloading. You can save the downloaded videos on various devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices such as android, iPhone, ipad and ipod.

Following a simple three-step procedure, you can get the video saved on your device,

  • Copy the video link.
  • Paste the URL in the given space.
  • Click the “download” button and save the video in the folder you want. 

There are many video streaming platforms in this age of technological advancement and everyone watches videos on these platforms. These video streaming platforms do not necessarily provide any direct downloading options. is a great online video downloader for all such people who want to watch the videos offline as many times as they want according to their convenience. Using the quick and smooth services of, you can easily download all kinds of videos ranging from short clips to long videos. This platform allows you to save music videos, Tv shows, sports or news videos, cooking, comedy, religious all types of videos from various platforms can be save from this online tool which is free of cost.

There is no software installment, you can simply copy and paste the URL of the video on the given bar on and click the “download” button. Video downloading extension is also available to provide the users with more ease.

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