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ac repair in dubai

The AC repair service in Dubai is provided by companies that provide quality maintenance services. The AC maintenance service provides services such as changing the oil, conditioning the battery, cleaning the alternator or fan motor, and changing. Dubai AC repair services team is specialized in a wide variety of AC components, such as AC compressors, air conditioning units, air conditioning windows, heat pump, heat exchanger, refrigeration, coil condenser, and many more. AC repair services save you money and time. If you are looking for an AC maintenance service,

AC maintenance in Dubai has become a must for everyone. To get the best results and take care of your AC unit, it is advisable to take care of it yourself. AC service to Dubai gives you the ability to repair your AC unit when needed or even replace it, for an affordable price. AC Maintenance Dubai Technicians use the latest tools and equipment to repair your AC.

AC Servicing And Repair

AC Service in Dubai: Stargate Building Solutions are a 16 yo established and highly regarded property maintenance company providing  Air Conditioning Services throughout Dubai. We have maintained air conditioning systems for hundreds of households all over the UAE since 2005 and continue to offer very competitively priced “one-off” call out maintenance, repair, and service agreements for all types of air conditioning systems from residential apartments and single split units in the community villas to complex commercial systems. Our ac repair technicians and engineers are fully qualified and certified to carry out a full range of maintenance and repair services.

Installation And Repair Of Air Conditioning System

Stargate Building Solutions established in 2005 is a British managed Property Maintenance Company in  Dubai renowned for not only our wide range of services but also our reputation for delivering consistently high levels of outstanding customer care and service delivery standards.

Our long-serving team of air conditioning service technicians and engineers are fully qualified and certified to carry out a comprehensive range of ac maintenance and repair services and are our key strength in delivering everyday AC maintenance service in Dubai 

As part of our strict standard procedures, we ensure that your property is left absolutely clean and tidy after completion of any ac service or repair works.

Since July 28, residents of the Marina Crown Tower have been furious. And for good reason, they no longer have air conditioning since that date and therefore suffered, in the middle of summer, from the high temperatures which prevail at this time in the Emirate.


Obviously, businesses are also affected by this failure (which would be due to a technical problem in the cooling circuit) since many customers are reluctant (and we can understand them) to stay in premises where temperatures oscillate between 27 and 29 ° vs. Many people have tried to install additional fans or coolers, but this does not seem sufficient to bring the temperatures down to a suitable level. Another problem highlighted by those affected: the lack of feedback from the management of the building. Contacted many times, the latter struggles to give a repair date that is held and continues to postpone it as and when.

To the best of our customers, we offer you an after-sales service according to your needs. We guarantee a fast and efficient intervention for the diagnosis and your repairs as soon as possible.

– Leak detection and repair,

– Troubleshooting your air conditioning system,

– Diagnosis of your heating installation (heat pump),

– Ventilation replacement

Our team has the expertise of all the biggest brands on the market. They are constantly trained in the various systems and new technologies to quickly establish a diagnosis, replace defective parts and restart your installation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Knowing how to respond to the specific requirements and constraints of both a client and a large account, seeking the best solution at the best cost, is also a question of personal satisfaction for our teams. Disturb as little as possible during work or intervention so as not to disrupt your activity, keep you informed about the progress of your site and do everything possible to meet the deadlines set …

15 years of experience


Responsiveness of our teams

Quality service 

Customer satisfaction guarantee 

After-sales service

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