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Abuja, Nigeria, May 25, 2021:  After successfully managing Tiki Cultures and Donkey Technologies, Adenike Isi Adeeko is all-out to takeup technological challenges through unique software development for every business.

Running a business is not easy, especially in this arena of cutthroat competition. The situation worsens as customers are coming up with new requirements almost every day. Naturally, businesses look for something that can do tasks promptly and can also automate regular, repetitive tasks.

Adenike Isi Adeeko has put her all efforts after new software development to help businesses.She has created the about-to-release software,Juvangee for helping businesses of all sizes and types.

“Business software has paramount importance for business operations. You need it to carry out many functions in a fast and effective manner. It also enhances business efficiency and makes life easier. While the business community knowsabout these, they are almost helpless. Most business solutions have heavy features and are difficult to work with. As a result, they cause pain to the customers rather than giving them relief. It is where our Juvangee software makes a huge difference. Your customers will be more involved during use and ultimately love this,” explained Adenike Isi Adeeko when asked about the necessity of pos inventory management solutions.

“The Juvangee is an attractive and state-of-the-art mobile-responsive software. It has a unique structure and uses the latest frameworks, strategies, and technologies. It has built-in tools that work by collecting, computing, and processing various data for the smooth and efficient running of your business. It can transform your ideas and make them happen in reality. But the problem is you must find out one that fits your business. As it suits almost all businesses, you will not have any headache,” she further added. 

The introduction of Juvangee is expected to disrupt the POS inventory landscape and management of sales as well. Because of its incredible structure and tools, it is going to bring in a revolution in the industry.

Donkey Technologies maintains a unique portfolio including web development, content marketing, app design, and social media marketing, software development, etc. They also specialize in creating web applications, mobile solutions, and custom plugins.  The company has a mission to solve performance issues and stay as a reliable service provider organization in the ICT industry.

The technological challenges taken up by Adenike Isi Adeeko have opened up a new vista to businesses. You may head to for more information.

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