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What is Thop TV:

Thop Tv is an IPTV and CDN based service which allows you to stream live TV through its IPTV and its CDN(Content Delivery Network) to allow you to stream and download movies and web series in the quality and format you require to watch or download. All of this for free without any sort of login or signup.

The app works both on Wifi and Mobile data so it will be easy for travelers who can download or watch anything when they want to. The app is just [insert apk size here] so it’s will just consume and insignificant part of your phone’s memory.  This service is both available on Windows,Android,Mac,Linux,iOS and Firestick so everyone can use it. There are other TV’s as well like Active Pluto TV is a free online television service broadcasting 75+ live TV channels loaded with 100’s of movies, 1000’s of TV shows and tons of internet gold.


Features of Thop TV:

  1. Its completely free so you don’t have to pay for any sort of subscription monthly or yearly unlike other paid services which require you to pay monthly or yearly.


  1. It has over 3000+ channels to watch in its TV stream, thousand hours of movies and Web series content that one can watch. It too has 5000 radio channels so old school folks can use it too.


  1. The app is compatible with Firestick so you can use it with a TV really easy so you can enjoy the content with your family and friends in real 1080p bluray quality.


  1. The app is also compatible with Laptops and PC which have MacOS or windows can use it too.


  1. Its also compatible with Android and iOS so people can use it in the go.


  1. It has no privacy issues as you don’t have to login or signup for anything in this app and asks for permissions that are required.


  1. The UI/UX is completely clean and simple and everything is labeled so it’s easy to use for a newbie.


  1. It also has a radio which old school people can use it while going around their daily jobs.


  1. It also has a chat in live TV stream in which you can talk to people or just toggle it shut so you can enjoy your TV.


  1. It also has notification services which one can use to see when their favorite movie or web series has released.

Guide on Installing Thop TV on Android:

  • As this app is not available in Play store, you will have to side load it.

To download it use this link Thop tv apk

  • First, you need to allow your device to install applications from unknown sources. To enable this, navigate to “Settings.” Tap “Security” and then “Unknown Sources.” Turn on the toggle switch. This will allow you to install the app.
  • Navigate to the directory where you have the application downloaded.
  • Click on the app and tap “Next” and wait for it to install.
  • Then click on “Done” after installing or tap on “Open” to explore the app in that instant.

And It’s done the app is installed and now you can use it.


Errors while using Thop TV:


If the app is unable to load some links and is displaying errors:


This is a normal issue and can be fixed easily as stated below:


  • Navigate to Play store and download a VPN [Insert any VPN link here and suggest Nord too].
  • Then go to Settings > Apps > Installed > Thop TV. Clear the cache and data and force stop it if it has not stopped.
  • Then open the VPN and switch to any other country and start using the app as normal.
  • This time the app will work normally.



Is Thop TV safe:


Thop TV is absolutely safe to install and use it every day. Some permission it requires are as stated below:


android.permission.INTERNET :

Just checks if the phone is connected to the internet and how can it connect to the CDN from which it pulls data.

android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE :

Checks the phone how much battery,screen brightness and if the screen is on or not.


Permission to save its files on your device but doesn’t access any of your personal data so its safe.


Just checks if you are connected to wifi and its state


So the app doesn’t ask for any other permission other than required ones and no login and signup is a positive thing too !.



Alternatives to ThopTv:


There are a lot of free alternatives available for Thoptv such as Couchtuner, which is a movie streaming website.

The free ones that are alternative to the App are:

  1. Showbox
  2. TeaTV
  3. PlayBox HD
  4. MegaBox HD
  5. CyberFlix TV



Thop TV is a great app that has it all, Free for all, has great collection of TV channels and Web series, has no privacy concerns and you can use it to download in your desirable resolution and format. These are the reasons that its famous and thousands of people use it daily.

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