Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

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Season 7: Return of Heroes is now here, and with it comes spectacular new player cards for all game modes including MT too, with the primary prize being a ‘Dark Matter’ Player Card for talented young basketballer, Anthony Edwards!

Anthony Edwards is NBA’s next superstar in the making, and his exploits with Minnesota Timberwolves have not been unnoticed by both fans and critics alike.

Playing as a Small Forward or Shooting Guard, the 20-year old American player – dubbed the “Ant-Man” – is now set to be Season 7’s main face, culpable by his latest ‘Dark Matter’ Player Card for reaching Level 40 in MT this season!

Edwards’ immaculate new player card boasts unbelievable stats like these:

(SF/SG) Anthony Edwards’ Dark Matter ‘Season Level 40 Reward’ Player Card: OVR 99

  • Speed (Athleticism): 99
  • Close Shot (Shooting): 99
  • Driving Layup (Inside Soring): 99
  • Block (Defence): 99
  • Ball Handle (Playmaking): 99

This wonderful player card also has astounding Badges such as:

  • Finishing
    • Acrobat (Hall of Fame)
    • Fast Twitch (Hall of Fame)
    • Fearless Finisher (Hall of Fame)
    • Giant Slayer (Hall of Fame)
    • Grace Under Pressure (Hall of Fame)
    • Many more!
  • Shooting
    • Blinders (Hall of Fame)
    • Catch and Shoot (Hall of Fame)
    • Chef (Hall of Fame)
    • Circus Threes (Hall of Fame)
    • Clutch Shooter (Hall of Fame)
    • Loads more!
  • Playmaking
    • Ankle Breaker (Hall of Fame)
    • Bail Out (Hall of Fame)
    • Break Starter (Hall of Fame)
    • Bullet Passer (Hall of Fame)
    • Dimer (Hall of Fame)
    • A plethora others!
  • Defensive
    • Ankle Braces (Hall of Fame)
    • Ball Stripper (Hall of Fame)
    • Chase Down Artist (Hall of Fame)
    • Clamps (Hall of Fame)
    • Defensive Leader (Hall of Fame)
    • Tons of others!

Getting this player card will be a massive grind, but it will all be worth it at the end of the day.

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