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Web development is basically the activity involved in creating a Web page on the Internet or an intranet for interactive use. Web development may range from creating a simple static web page of just plain text to more complicated web applications, web-based businesses, and social networking services. It also involves a range of activities that go beyond developing the application itself, such as designing the look and feel of the site, content, and graphics, and providing navigation tools. These activities are performed through various programming languages like HTML, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript.

There are several web development schools and colleges that provide courses on this subject. Some of these include associate bachelor degrees in web development and web marketing, web development associate bachelor degree, master degrees, bachelor degrees, and master degrees. Students who enroll for associate bachelor degrees in web development must first complete a two-year undergraduate course in computer science. Most associate and bachelor degrees require a minimum of six months of full time study. A student interested in pursuing a bachelor degree in web development may take up to four years to complete the program.

Students who have completed their undergraduate studies and wish to pursue a bachelor degree in web development and marketing should be prepared to take at least three years of college courses. During the second year of study, students should take up classes in business, math, computer science, and English. After that, students should take up electives including psychology, sociology, and history, as well as elective courses in web design, web development, and marketing. Web developers’ associate degree requires a minimum of two years of full time study. The associate degree is often not recognized by employers, although it is definitely one of the most popular web development degrees.

A web development associate degree is a shorter version of the full-fledged bachelor’s degree. In the associate degree program, web developers learn about database and web server administration, HTML and JavaScript coding, website design, website navigation, graphic design, website optimization, advertising, web publishing, page content creation, search engine marketing, and web page conversion. Students also learn about web application development, database optimization, website programming, web hosting, internet marketing, and web site promotion. For those who do choose to enroll in an associate degree program, they can expect to finish in three years.

As mentioned above, many people see web development as a shorter path to becoming a web developer. This perception is certainly correct. However, there is a more lucrative route to consider when considering web development. Many companies hire web developers but very few actually hire students to become web developers. That is because web degrees allow web developers to enter a highly lucrative field that provides excellent job prospects and a successful career.

In the past, there were only a handful of web design and development schools. Today, there are dozens upon dozens of accredited universities and colleges that offer web development degrees. Students can expect to complete their studies in just two years. The first year is devoted to learning everything from basic computer science fundamentals to more advanced topics such as web design and programming. During the second year, students will learn advanced web development practices and develop their own individual websites.

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