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Which is the Best Time to Visit Jaipur? Are you searching for Which is the Best Time to Visit Jaipur? then you are in the right place Jaipur is the land of architectural beauty, culture, interesting tourist activities and many others. It is the capital of the royal land of Rajasthan. If you are looking for a vacation in Rajasthan, Jaipur is an unavoidable place and a place of sheer beauty. Jaipur is located in a desert region and thus, you need to choose the right time to visit Jaipur to avoid heat and other complications. Here is a detailed view of the best time to visit Jaipur. Jaipur has a semi-desert climatic condition, which holds only three seasons namely, the summer, monsoon and winter. Summer of Jaipur Summer starts in April and ends by June. It is the driest and most humid time of the whole year. Given the fact that Rajasthan is a desert state, it is obvious that summers would be very harsh. The average temperature during daytime is 45 degree C. Hot winds make the place even hotter. You can find a few heritage festivals during this season. However, the heat wreath of the land is unbearable. If you wish to visit this land during summer, it is important to wear light cloths and drink a lot of water. Due to the undesirable condition, the footprint of tourism will be at record low during this season. However, the evenings would be comparatively desirable and if you are planning to visit during summer, keep all your activities and trips in the evenings. Monsoon of Jaipur Rains start from July and ends in September. Jaipur gets a medium to low level of rainfall and thus, you need not worry about a wet and muddy time.  The humidity would still be at the prime during monsoon season. It is one of the lean seasons of tourism in Jaipur. You might not find many tour providers, who prefer Jaipur during this season. Thus, getting better deals in hotels and tickets is easier in this season. Winter of Jaipur Winter starts in October and ends in March. This is the prime season of tourism. The climatic condition will be cool and pleasing. Due to recent mild rains, the vegetation of the land would be lush. Thus, you can find many delicacies during this season. The winter is seen as a festival time, among locals and thus, you can find numerous local festivals and celebrations. Shopping will also be at prime, since the number of stalls operating during this season will be higher. Peak tourism season The tourism season starts by end of September and ends by March. This includes early summer season, winter season and late monsoon season. This is the time of numerous fairs, festivals and celebrations in Jaipur. It is the peak season of many activities of Jaipur. If you are choosing to visit during the peak tourism season, it is important to pre-book all your facilities and amenities including tickets, cab service, hotel services and others. This includes luxury resorts, unique adventure activities, luxury trains Palace on Wheels and many others.this are the best time to visit Jaipur for travelling]]>

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