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Best free SEO tools list for WordPress new website 2018 <![CDATA[Best free SEO tools list for WordPress new website 2018]]>

Best free SEO tools list for WordPress new website 2018

hey to all if you are website owner and blogger and you are starting your website or blog and you don’t wanna spend money looking for best free SEO tools online which might help you to increase your website or blog presence online. in this post, I am going to give SEO  tools list name and how to use all these free SEO tools in detail to increase website or blog  traffic
so let begin
if you are a newbie starting your blog or website first you should know what is SEO, and how it plays important role in your website or blog success let me answer your first question what is SEO?
as today they are more thane 2 million websites registered on the internet and they are more 10 biggest search engine this search engine become so good 95 %people uses this  search engine  find the things on the internet and most this website also rely on this search engine  to get traffic now they are lots of good search engine like yahoo, bings, Aol out there but 90 % of people use google to find result. so keep one thing in your mind this free SEO tools will work same for all the search engine so let back to our main question what is seo..? SEO is search engine optimization
search optimization mean how well you optimize to get a better search result, they are  different ways to optimize a website   The process of optimization is not a one-time process but requires maintenance, tuning, and continuous testing and monitoring this  best SEO free tools will help your job easy  to improve your website performance 

here is a list of best free SEO tools for new website 

this is google free SEO tool check the speed of  website  by using  google page Speed insight you can check out loading of per page of the website this  will give detail information of loading speed of your website  on mobile or laptop loading of a page play very important role  in SEO if your website had bad loading speed this will definitely harm your SEO effort And you will lose lots of traffic   for good SEO you should improve your website loading speed in mobile or laptop
google webmaster tool or you can call it google search console is  another free SEO tool provided by the search engine Google reason that you are really wanna make sure you are using google  webmaster tool when google crawl the website it gives you report card of your website
which things google like about your website which does not like about your website for example if you had indexing problem Google will notify you about indexing issue your website is  facing it will also tell you how to solve them  this input will definitely might help you to increase and boost your ranking search result  if want to use google search console first you need to complete signup process after completing you need to verify your website for verifying you had to put code on website header file
if you are using WordPress it is very simple to verify code just install WordPress plugin called header footer copy the code from google webmaster paste it on header and your google webmater tool will verify  you should use this tool
suppose you had created a  new website now you want user to read your blog post or visit your website
now how can you know that user is  coming to a website or not  google analytics tool help you find the answere after completing the signup process google analytic tool will track your user behavior like which country from they are which content user is ready how much time they are spending on your website on which keyword most traffic comming on your website and provide bounce rate data
google analitics tools is  free seo tool if you want to do really well  in online you must use this free seo tool to check your online presnce of your website
if you had started your website and want to do best keyword search but don’t have money to spend money you can use google keyword planner  tool find keyword related to your niche topics its one best free SEO  tool online available online to do keyword search sinup process very simple and easy you don’t required to code in website like google webmaster or google analytics after compeleting sinup process
just go in googe dashboard now you will get new dashboard  find keyword planner tool in new dashboard after finding just write your target keyword name enter get idea buttom you will get lost of keyword suggest related your niche and topic. google keyword planner also give data or reports which keyword you should use  in your blog post so your earning can increase so try it
Google trend is one of the best amazing free SEO tools provided by search giant Google,  Google Trends help to analyze a portion of Google searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms entered, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over the same time. Although the data provided by Google Trends is updated daily, Google includes a disclaimer that the data Trends produces “may contain inaccuracies for a number of reasons, including data sampling issues and a variety of approximations that are used to compute results. by using google trends you can create amazing content on the current topic which is trending across the worldwide by writing on trending topic you can get great traffic, for example, some celebrity has been trending on google trends  if you write about them you will definitely get traffic on website I recommended you should use google trends  before creating the content Small SEO tool small SEO tool is another very useful SEO tools available on the internet by using this tool you can check the plagiarism, you can also check da and pa of your domain you can use many more features like  Article Spinner / Rewriter Keyword Position Checker . Grammar Checker Domain Authority Checker Google PR Checker Image Compression Tool Reverse Image Search Page Authority checker Spell Checker Backlink Checker Alexa Rank Checker Backlink Maker Domain Age Checker Website Ping Tool Website Seo Score Checker Keyword Density Checker Website Page Size Checker Google Cache Checker
similar web SEO tool extract data like which country your traffic coming it also check the global rank of your website and also give data of keyword which your website is ranking on internet by using the similar web you can also  compare computer data  you blog or website owner you can use this free SEO tools to check your website position on the internet Word counter by using this tool you can track your the competitor website how much word articles they had written what number of keyword they are using, how many time you have repeated the same number of keywords in one article it will provide you exact data. by using this tool you can improve your content may also outrank competitor in your niche  it is free SEO  tool  you don’t require to complete the signup process open site explorer: if you are a blogger and in SEO field you should use this tool it moze free tool open site explore gives the full detail who’s linking to your site it also checks number of total internal and external link of your website it also compare link authority of a website  it also analyse Anchor Text and also help us to
Learn what keywords the site might be ranking for. Analyze the phrases and find  most commonly used  anchor in  URL or domain.many more feature are available by using all this feature you can improve your website performance, it is free SEO tool if you want to use more feature you can buy this tool  you can use this tool as website SEO checker
 the deep crawler is not free SEO tool but after registration, you will get 7 days free trial  7 seven days enough for to find the issue of website deep crawler is SEO tool which checks the website from top to  bottom  whether your website is crawling or not DeepCrawl doesn’t do internet-wide crawls but it will give your website about as comprehensive an SEO “full body scan” as you can get.
This kind of deep site crawling is useful for businesses in a number of ways. DeepCrawl is a tool for both novice users looking to highlight site issues or advanced users customizing their crawls,  you must try this SEO tool  you must use this tool as website SEO checker
Monitor backlink checker:  monitor backlink checker is one the best free SEO tool you can use this check the backlinks of  your and another website this will help you  to get good backlink, good authority backlink play a very important role in SEO by using this tool you can check the backlink of any domain  if you are  non register or free user you will only get 2 reports in week of website analytics
buzzsumo: if you are a blogger and you are in the field of content marketing you must  use this tool called  buzzsumo give an idea of what type content getting a share on social media like facebook  twitter,  google plus and also give find out what other people share in past is really very useful for content creating for your blog or client blog  for example if you go to buzzsumo when you type Donald trump it will find all top articles list about Donald trump people had shared on the social media if you are content creator you have to find top 3 articles share on internet about the Donald trump create the content around it,.after google trends, buzzsumo is my favorite SEO tool to create good high-quality content  siteliner: siteliner is another free website SEO checker that let you explore your website and revealed the key issue of your website that affects your website quality and search engine its check how much duplicate content is on your website,, it also find page power,, and reports, of your website, suppose you had a lot of duplicate content your website your website wiil find indexing problem  in google so siteliner help you to find duplicated content on your website and improve your ranking in search engine  you must use this tool if you are in field of seo   authority spy  authority spy is unique software which helps you to find to influence people and  blog from across the web suppose you had  type SEO in  authority spy software  it will find the authority blog And people from across the social media like facebook, twitter, google plus related to SEO topic , authority spy also check the social score of the influencer like social media follower on twitter, facebook , and Instagram, this can have helped you to build online brand  buzzstream : buzzstream is SEO software which helps you to  build high-quality link in the today time link building very hard process if you can’t find a quality link than it very difficult to get a good rank in google  it  also monitor link building process remember one thing it is not a free SEO tool Check my link  another best free SEO tool by using can check the broken link of any page with a just single click you can check the broken link of any page you  install this software in your chrome extension
Citation Labs’ Broken Link Finder
 these best SEO tools find the broken link if you type any keyword this tool proactively search find a broken link from across the world wide web you can  also use this tool to find how many people had  link to your broken link if you are working on many page website projects this may reduce your workload can save your precious time
Citation Labs’ Broken Link Finder: Citation Labs’ Broken Link Finder prospector was designed to help link builders and content creator to find and organize new outreach opportunities, to give their content the relevant amplification it needs to earn links and shares. as a content marketer, you can use this tool as website SEO checker Detailed this online free SEO tool provides update ranking of your website which is in your niche, for example, my niche is news related it will automatically give information about news related website who’s ranking got improve  it also help us find the who share the content of the website and who’s is  linking that website in deep detail as content marketer you can use this SEO tool to  build link linkio is another best seo tool you can use Linkio is like the love child of Ahrefs and an SEO expert. It is designed to give SEOs the right anchor text to build next, by using insightful data to help you make better-informed decisions. It’s flexible, automated and remarkably easy to use. answer the public as  content or blog writer you must use this SEO tools for content creating answer the public platform provide that database query which people searching on search engine sites google and bings in form you can use this question like keyword in your content creation, for example, I had type SEO many questions will like, what is SEO, how to do SEO, why is SEO so  important using this query can create longs evergreen content, so you must try this it is free yo mast use this tool to check SEO of website

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