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Rappers usually create something on real-life issues. Rapper quotes on life and love can drive you to a whole new level. These quotes based on reality have specific hidden meanings which change your perception of life.


Rappers are people who dig deep in their thoughts to create a message for the rest of this world. Even though some rappers are no more with us today but their quotes still touch our hearts. Sometimes in life, when you feel stuck, these quotes give you a ray of hope.  In this article, we will explain eight rapper quotes that will inspire you.

1.” Even though you’re fed up, you gotta keep your head up.”

Sometimes in life, you are so done with everything and everyone. Dealing with so many tough situations, you are giving up on yourself. This quote gives you hope that no matter what, each day is a new day. Get up and start a new beginning.

2.”Things change and that’s the way it is.”-2pac

Nothing is permanent in this world. You need to realize that every person that comes into your life, is there for a reason. People will leave, life still goes on. That’s the beauty of life that you have to embrace. Invest in yourself rather than investing in people.

3.”People will love & support you when it’s beneficial.”-Nicki Minaj

Every person lives for their own good. People will only stick around you till the time they’re at ease. No one is your friend except for the ones who will stick around during the tough times. 90% of the people will only contact you if they’re in need.

4.” Love it or hate it, this who I am.”-Nicki Minaj

Always be yourself no matter what the situation is. Love yourself because only you matter. People will judge you on every step you take so it is better to do what makes you happy and satisfied. Be confident in your skin.

5.”Life without dreaming is life without meaning.”

What is life without any passion? If you don’t have a goal to reach then what is the purpose of your life. Every day will be the same for you. You will get tired of the monotonous cycle of your life. Set yourself some goals and work on them every day.

6.”Be careful what you say to today. Because tomorrow they might not here and you can’t take it back.”-Wiz Khalifa

Say your words carefully because you might never realize how your words can hurt someone. One should always be the reason for someone’s happiness, not their sorrow. Say sorry or express your love before it’s too late.

7.”Last night I saw in my dreams, I can’t wait to go to sleep.”-Kanye West

This quote is for someone who is madly in love. When you are in love, all you want to see is your loved one. Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. We all deserve to feel it at least once in a lifetime.

8.”When you’re a little kid, you don’t see colour and the fact that my friends black never crossed my mind. It never became an issue I was a teenager and started trying to rap.”-Eminem

This quote has a strong connection with the prevailing racism issue in this world. Kids are the most innocent creatures in this world. They don’t know the wrongs of this disgusting world. Only when you grow up, you realize who bad this world is.


Having meaning in your life is very important. Finding love in your life is also very important. These rapper quotes give you a reason to live and love. Giving them a read will give you new hopes.

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