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The Makanai, Cooking for the Maiko House, the cooking drama currently streaming on Netflix in Japan, revolves around the culture of Japanese people. In the show, a young cook is hired to prepare meals for Kyoto’s geisha community members. However, the cook realizes the intricacies involved in becoming an entertainer. Read this article to get insights into the Japanese Netflix drama series, The Makanai.

Based on the manga, “Kiyo in Kyoto”, “The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House’s” first season is written by Aiko Koyama. In the nine-episode series, best friends – Kiyo and her girl friend, Sumire, move to Gion District in Kyoto to live in an all-girl house with the hopes of becoming maiko. Kiyo is regarded as not cut out for becoming a talented maiko, but she is  considered the ideal person to take care of makanai foods.

Is Makanai a Product of the Manga Moment?

The rise of the internet has allowed non-Japanese readers to access more content than ever before, leading to a rise in the popularity of manga. In 2021, the top 50 titles in the US had reportedly tripled in sales. One of the most popular anime series is The Makanai.

The Lives of the Geisha

In Japan, the lives of the country’s highly skilled artisans are shrouded in mystery. There are reportedly fewer than a thousand individuals working as geishas today.

What exactly is Makanai Show

The show is about food. The show’s concept revolves around the cook and the meal they serve in a boarding house. Food is the show’s central theme, and the directors have used it as the backdrop for their various films. During the course of the show, viewers can expect to see Kiyo’s excitement at the quality of the food she prepares and her joy at seeing others react to it.

The show features the life of Kiyo’s best friend, who trains as a maiko. Through her and her housemates, the show shows the hard work and dedication that it takes to become a maiko. They also learn about the various practices and rituals that are part of being a maiko.

The Makanai Show Season 2

Fans of the show are thrilled with the first season of The Makanai Show, and fans are eager to see what the future holds for the show. Some theories are already making their way around about what could happen once Nozuki and Herai return to the show. There are also still many unresolved issues in the house that need to be resolved. The fans are hoping that the show will get a second season. Netflix has not officially announced the release date of the show’s second season. The show’s producers have also not yet revealed when the show’s second season will be released. We’re hoping to see more of the achievements of Kiyo Nozuki, Herai, and other talented women. While there’s been a place for the geisha in Japanese history, there’s also been a place for the girls of Makanai on Netflix. Are you interested in season 2? Click this link to find out more.

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