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Best Types of Live Music for Your Party

For any occasion, live music is always the perfect entertainment to offer to your audience. Live music can liven up any event at all, while bringing the audience together in one experience. Both friends and good memories can be made, as long as you choose the best type of live music for your party or event. If you are a little lost on deciding what kind of music to have at your party, any of the following types of music will guarantee a good time.


Both reggae and ska bands are incredibly underrated in the live music world, which is why you should hire one at your next party. Ska can be combined with almost any genre, like punk rock or pop, leaving you with the ability to get specific on what you want from a ska band. Whatever genre you choose is sure to bring your party or event to life, and you will not regret hiring one.

Country and Western

Country and western music can never go wrong, especially if you are in an area where Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, and Kenny Rogers are highly honored. Country and western music can also provide softer, more romantic music that can be calmly enjoyed, or it can give the audience something to dance and have fun to. It can also be combined with hundreds of other genres, like pop, rock, and even sometimes rap, which means every person in your audience will be easily satisfied.


For a party or event hosting people from all generations, blues music might be the perfect genre for you and your party. Blues music offers hits from artists like Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Blues can also be played instrumental, and audiences will still highly enjoy the entertainment. Like the other options listed, blues can be combined with plenty of genres, making specific music types that can make your party memorable like rhythm and blues, hard rock blues, gospel blues, and acoustic blues. You can never go wrong with a blues band performance.


If your party or event is more elegant or calm, jazz music will never let you down. Jazz instrumentals are the perfect background noise for a party or event where people will be talking to each other the whole time, as it takes away any awkward silence and gives people something to talk about, but conversations will not get lost in the loud music. You can hire bands that perform anything from traditional jazz to avant-garde jazz to contemporary jazz, leaving your party with an electric yet calming feeling. Jazz bands also have the talent of turning any song from any genre into a jazz song, so you will often find jazz bands that can play any song.

No matter what type of live music you choose for your next party, your guests are sure to be pleased, as live music never goes underappreciated. 

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