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How to Buy a Quality Sectional for Less Than $400How to Buy a Quality Sectional for Less Than $400

Undoubtedly, a sectional sofa is a classy and sophisticated piece of furniture that can make your living room stunning. A sectional is not only extremely comfortable, but it also provides plenty of space for you to stretch out or seat many people all at once comfortably.

However, when shopping for a good sectional, you may find that getting one at an inexpensive price can be quite tricky, especially when you’re on a tight budget. With plenty of options available on the market, you can never be sure that you’re getting the best cheap sectional sofas under $400. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips on how you can purchase the best sectional for your home under $400.

How to Choose the Best Sectional Under $400

Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a sectional sofa under $400:

Available Space

The most important thing to consider is the available space in your room where you want to place your sectional sofa. If you plan to place the sectional in a circular space, then a C-shaped sectional will be perfect, whereas, if you have a much larger, rectangular-shaped room, then an L-shaped sectional is the best option.

You can decide whether to purchase a larger or smaller sectional depending on the layout of the room and the space available.


Sectionals are available in 2 different styles—closed style and open chaise-end style. A closed style is more versatile and functional compared to open chaise-end style sectionals.

Sectional sofas are very beneficial because they can be placed according to the room size and layout. Choose a sectional that allows you to use it in varying positions, configurations and purposes.


Look for a sectional sofa that has good-quality upholstery. Typically, cheaper sectionals make use of inferior quality upholstery that may not be durable and long lasting. Choose a model that has good fabric, which is not only good to look at, but is also durable and comfortable. If the fabric is not of high quality, then it will wear very quickly with use and start looking very old and worn out.


Make sure that the sectional sofa you’re planning to purchase offers good support and is comfortable too. So, it may be a good idea to test out a few models personally before narrowing them down to the final one.


Buying a cheap sectional can be quite tricky and you may end up with one of inferior quality that won’t last very long. So, if you’re on a tight budget, make sure to shop around, do your homework and check out sectionals from various stores before making your final purchase. Look for trustworthy, reputable websites if you’re purchasing online.

However, when purchasing from an online store, make sure that the sectional sofa you’re purchasing comprises different sections so that even if there are unwanted pieces that you won’t be using, you’ll still end up paying less.

And, if you are on a very tight budget, you could consider purchasing a used sectional sofa, which you can get at a very cheap price.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, sectional sofas are versatile and functional that can accommodate a large number of people at once. Ideal for relaxing, socializing or simply lounging around, sectional sofas are extremely popular.

While purchasing a cheap sectional sofa for less than $400 can be a tricky proposition, it’s not impossible. Shopping around a bit for an inexpensive sectional, you can surely meet your expectations and budget perfectly

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