Can you DIY move a piano?

Many people love to do big tasks by themselves and also because they don’t have to pay any penny to the professionals. After all, no one would not love to save money. However, before you choose to do a big task on your own, make sure you do assess the extent of the task; evaluating whether or not it must be tried as a DIY task or not. If you feel the job is cumbersome, you better find professionals.

 Moving a piano is one such task, which not at all must be considered as a child’s play. The best nationwide movers state that one must think about everything before making such a decision. If you think that it just requires muscles to move a piano then you are wrong. It also requires proper tools and techniques to move it safely at the new address.

You might think that a piano has a hard surface, therefore, it will be easier to move but in actuality, it is the most fragile item with hundreds of movable parts. Moving a fragile item like a piano is such a complicated task and only professionals can do the task with complete safety. Still to save charges incurred by moving companies, if you have decided to do this by yourself then follow these tips and tricks.


     1. Know the details of your piano 


First of all, you should know the details of the piano. Measure your piano well. Check the height and length of the piano. Sometimes even when the piano is small in size, still it weighs hundreds of pounds. Make sure you know every single detail of the piano. And decide the right route so that during transportation, it does not move.  

     2. Ask for help from friends and family members 

Remember that a piano might be the heaviest and bulkiest item that you possess at your home. It is not only heavy but also awkward so moving it by yourself alone is not possible. You will need the help of your friends and family members. If you are blessed with good friends and family members then it is time to take help from them. Make sure there are at least four people to lift the piano and to load it even when you have removed all the removable parts of the piano. 

     3. Have proper tools

Remember that different types of pianos are available out there like an upright piano, small, and the grand ones. For different pianos, different equipment is required to move these. Heavy furniture dollies, Straps, moving dollies are the common moving items that you require for all the pianos regarding their type while for some, different tools are required.

     4. Distribute the weight equally while packing it

Pianos possess a lot of weight with a special kind of heavy. It is top heavier with delicate legs which makes it a fragile item to move. Because the piano has a higher weight therefore make sure the weight is distributed thoroughly. Of course, you don’t want to get a single scratch on the piano and you want it to keep untouched as much as possible. Apart from that a piano tipping over someone of your friend or family member while loading can make a big injury therefore make sure that the weight is well distributed while packing all the parts of the piano. It will make loading and handling of the piano easier and efficient. 

     5. Tips for preparing the piano

  • While considering the weight, height, and fragility of the item, it is great to hire professionals. As you have decided to move it by yourself, check out these tips:
  • Keep the keyboard lid closed, if it is not closed then you can cover the keyboard using the thick blanket.
  • Wrap the entire piano in blankets before moving. Make sure you tape the blankets so that they can stick to the piano and do not move.
  • Remove all the removable parts of the piano.
  • Remove the legs of the piano and pack them separately.
  • You can use moving dollies that are used for heavy furniture to move it safely.  
  • Make sure you move slowly while lifting and moving it. Take gaps and breaks and tighten the catch so that any injury can be avoided. 

     6. Moving in 

At a new address make sure you first have decided the place where you will keep it. Decide that specific wall of your new home. While moving, make sure there is no obstacle in the route. While lifting, make sure it is well balanced.

     7. Get help from professionals 

In case if you have to move the piano up or down the stairs then it is recommended you take the help of the professionals. Because in vertical spaces, it is dangerous to move a piano. 


A piano is an expensive item that you possess therefore you would do anything to make it reach safely at a new address. Only a small scratch on such an expensive item can cost you hundreds of dollars. Though pianos look sturdy, in actuality, they are highly delicate. The piano has a lot of delicate removable parts such as keys, strings, pedals, keys, and so on. You must make an effort to fully think about whether you must hire a rental truck or full-service professionals to move the piano.

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