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With the progression of social media and the number of people relying on its daily use the news sector kind of tumbled and found a place with social media. Because it is faster and is in reach of so many people around the globe connecting them with one and the other. 

With traditional journalism, the authenticity of the news can’t be questioned because it was first reported to the editor who after confirming its source and content would have published it or read it live by someone in front of a camera streaming worldwide in the form of live news. But with social media taking a big step towards connecting people with each other and narrowing the distance news became an integral part of it. Check News Live Stream Online Channel

How social media has changed the way we perceive news?

Twitter was invented about 10 years ago and since then people have had the chance to kind of have their own say in matters and tending to things on a better note. You can have your own voice being types in the form of news and send out to not just friends or family but to the rest of the world as well, this is the kind of revolution and transformation we are talking about. There was now no need to call up the journalism team and then go up a proper channel to get the news out there for others, anyone can do it themselves and bring out the true story as it happened with the facts in front of others. 

This thing is not limited just to Twitter as there are other social media platforms such as Facebook or even Instagram where people post news or if you are a little more enthusiastic about it then you could even start your own blog.

Is news on social media reliable?

About 51% of people use social media as their go-to source for the retrieval of news and what is going around them so for the number of people who rely on social media there is a winning situation for social media platforms. But in terms of the authenticity of the news posted there well, it is difficult. Not every news on social media is false or based on a rumor but most of the people who post news there give in to the temptation of having more views and followers to they do tend to spice up things a little which is why the authenticity of the whole platforms gets compromised. 

It is not like a general news site or platform where an editor or someone in the printing department has to verify the news source, anyone having access to social media can post about anything and turn it in the form of news without having to chip in the credible source for it. This is indeed a lacking situation but then again people should be wary of it and take up other means of staying connected with the world like News Live Stream Online where you tend to stream any news channel and never have to worry about the authenticity of what you are hearing or watching there. 

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