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Every day more devices and more people connect with the internet than before, and the number is rising continuously. As the number of connections is increasing every day, the threat of cybersecurity is also continually thriving. Security software is also developing to cope with the threats to your privacy and security.

VPNs are supposed to be the very first step to mask your online existence. Double VPN can do that work better than regular VPN.

What does it mean by Double VPN?

In case of regular uses, your traffic connects to the network first and then connects with servers. But if you use Double VPN, your internet traffic will first connect with server one and then again direct it to server two automatically. Then it will connect with the reach to the internet. Double VPN offers its users better encryption on your information. Your IP address will get masking twice, and thus, it makes sure your better security on the internet.

What benefits can you get from Double VPN?

  • The first advantage of double VPN is providing anonymous protection. If anyone tries to monitor your activities, you can see the first connection to the first server. But they won’t be able to know your IP address.
  • The second VPN server won’t reveal your information as the first server masks it. There is no way to track you virtually.
  • Double VPN will bounce your traffic. As a result, your locations will show in different geographical areas at different times. It will help you to avoid any government censorship.
  • IF you go to China, you won’t be able to access YouTube there. But by connecting Double VPN setup, you will be able to access it easily. If someone tries to monitor your activity, you can’t see what you are browsing.
  • Double VPN will make it very difficult for hackers to decode your info because VPN will encrypt your online information.
  • Double VPN will give you such anonymity that even your internet service provider won’t see your activities. NordVPN is one of the best, which provides a Double VPN.

Where are Double VPNs needed to use?

When you want to have higher-level security for your internet surfing, you can use a double VPN. If you a public figure or politician and you hold valuable information which should not be revealed, you should use a VPN for double protection. Other than any public figure, if any general person also wants to keep his data safe, he should use Double VPN.

How You use Double VPN on your device?

There are some ways to set up a double VPN connection. Some of the best options are going to be discussed here briefly.

  1. Double hop VPNs: It is a feature offered by many VPN providers. If you connect through a VPN server in this system, the real connection will be linked to another server. But here, the connections are static. You cannot control the VPN server here.
  2. Self- configurable: The VPN provider will allow you to choose and configure the setting. But you should know that the prices are higher for a subscription plan here.
  3. Router+ client connection: This one is relatively easy than others. Here, firstly, one VPN is set up o the router and then the client’s devices. Whenever you connect to the internet with your devices, a double VPN connection will automatically start its work.

Some Providers also offer built-in options that allow you to use a double VPN or VPN chain. We recommend you use NordVPN. You should try to use the premium version because they provide elite class privacy, protection, and Double VPN service. They have some advanced features too which can enhance your internet user experience.

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