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Blackout curtains

Fall in love with the little-explored areas of your house with the right set-up. The pandemic has got the entire world spending more and more time indoors. By extension, more and more individuals have taken on the task of renovating the outdoor areas within the property. If you have been searching for curtains to complete and complement your perfect patio and porches, you have arrived at your destination. The wide variety of options and features available for you to explore will certainly impress you and have you scrolling till the end of the list.


Measures you need to take


Curtains are versatile products and can be put to multiple uses indoors as window covers and outdoors. With the right fabric choice and a few other careful considerations, you can have yourself the perfect curtain. Consider a few factors to transform the least favorite corners of your house into zones you want to spend time in.


  • Choose the right fabric


You can have your curtain made from a fabric most suited to serve your needs. You have the option to choose from max and tuff fabric. The tarp you pick will determine the additional features you get. 


  • Provide the right dimensions


You have the option to add the exact measurements of the area you want your curtain to cover. You are also encouraged by manufacturers to add pictures of the space and objects in it so that you receive the ideal product.


  • Add the right customizations


Not only do you get to customize the length, width, and height of your curtain to the dot, you also get to avail yourself of several other personalization facilities. You can add custom graphics and logos to your curtain simply by uploading the design to the website.


Make the most out of available options to get the best curtains in Canada. Customer satisfaction is a guarantee.


Added features and benefits


Once you provide appropriate directions and instructions, you are all set to enjoy the amazing features of your newly ordered curtain. According to Fortune Business Insights™, The global solar control glass market size valued at USD 5.17 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 10.68 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 9.5% during the forecast period


  • Depending on the fabric you choose, your curtain will be waterproof or water-resistant. While tarp Maxx curtains are UV-resistant and waterproof with moderate abrasion resistance, tarp tuff curtains are even more durable. 


  • These curtains provide unquestionable longevity. Tarp Maxx curtains can last you easily for a good three years. Tarp tuff curtains will last you longer than five years and remain just as good as new ones.


  • You are sure to get a warranty on your curtain based on the choice of fabric once again. You can expect a limited warranty on manufacturing defects, if any. 


With little to no maintenance needs, these curtains are your best bet in transforming the outdoors without much hassle.


Prioritize your convenience


Affordability is a key feature you can never miss out on. The prices of the curtains will stand out and appeal to you in comparison to competitors. A lower price range ensures all prospective customers can access products despite budgetary restrictions. You can go through glowing reviews and recommendations from happy customers to make an informed decision. 


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