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Painting the facades is the final stage of transforming your home, no matter what the design idea is, if the house does not look perfect. The house is considered prepared for painting when the finish – decorative plaster layer has dried up, the final color scheme has been selected.

Residential painting is needful in Chicago and suburbs. Lots of home-owners are interested in it. If you’re searching for residential painting contractors near me and strive to paint your home exterior and interior you can hire professionals. Of course you can paint your home yourself, but for this you need to learn this niche and watch educational videos and read informative articles about residential painting.

Painting the exterior walls of the house should be done before the onset of the rainy or cold season. This will help to “preserve” the plastered surface. The climate in Chicago is harsh. Exterior painting can prolong the life-cycle of any home.

Why We Paint the Facade of Home

The renewed facade will protect the building from unfavorable environmental influences, significantly decorating it.

To make the facade of your home look amazing, let’s get acquainted with the basic methods and secrets of exterior painting of buildings

  1.  Here are frequently asked questions:
  2. How to prepare the facade for painting?
  3. What kind of paint is needed for the facade?
  4. What types of exterior paints are there?
  5. Recommendations for choosing paint for the facade?

How to Prepare Facade Walls for Painting?

Exterior wall paint – designed specifically for use on facades, but the surface of the walls must be carefully prepared. If the facade of the building that needs to be painted has flaws or is crushed, they must be cleaned, strengthened, primed and plastered without fail, otherwise all the work will be meaningless. Residential Painting services include the preparatory levels, so customers can be sure in each point implementation.

The building materials market today is ready to offer a huge amount of materials for building a house, during the construction of which the external walls do not need additional plastering of the walls. Although many owners deliberately strive to perform plastering of the walls, preserving the general architectural appearance of all buildings on their homestead. Maintaining the overall style and color.

Interior painting is also of great importance. If you’re looking for interior painting services in Chicago you can choose the best painting company and hire the contractors. Of course you need to clarify the details and only then take interior painting services. There are lots of painting companies in Chicago and you can read reviews about them using Google Business accounts.

Facade paint and varnish coatings are selected for each type of material, each of which is produced on a specific basis.

Wall painting, like all exterior wall decoration, is necessary for all types of surfaces, but decorative tiles or bricks with a pronounced decorative pattern do not need any extra painting at all.

The necessary equipment for painting the facade always depends on the complexity of the structure and its height. If this is a private one-storey home ownership, you can also use a stepladder for self-painting, but for painting buildings above one floor, it is still worth resorting to the help of specialists.

Before painting the facade, the walls must be prepared. Perform cleaning, remove all unnecessary bulges, or vice versa, close up depressions, dust the walls and prime them thoroughly.

How to Choose Paints for Facade

Tip: When choosing paint for the facade, you should follow general technologies, but not follow personal preference. This will extend the service life, almost completely eliminate paint washout in pouring rain and prevent cracking during temperature extremes.


On the walls of a house, where different finishing materials are used, difficulties arise in the selection of the necessary universal color, which is suitable for painting walls of various textures. In this case, you should invite a master who will give you his recommendations on the spot.

As practice shows, phone or photo advice does not work.

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