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Born in Moscow on May 25, 1971, in Moscow. Father – Mykolas Edmundas Orbakas, circus performer. Mother – Alla Pugacheva, singer. Christina has a half-brother from her father’s second marriage – Fabian Orbakas (1985).

Due to the tight touring schedule of Alla and Mykolas, the future singer lived either with her father’s parents in Lithuania or with her mother’s parents in Moscow. In 1973, Pugacheva and Orbakas divorced, and little Christina began to live with her grandparents in Moscow.

In 1978, Christina began to study at secondary general education and music schools. After school, she spent several hours a day singing and playing the piano.

At the age of seven, the future singer made her TV debut in the “Merry Notes” program, then in the “Morning Mail”.

Popularity came to Orbakaite in 1983 after the role of Asmongold Girlfriend in the drama “Scarecrow” by Rolan Bykov. The filming of the tape lasted from September 1982 to March 1983, and the premiere took place on January 9, 1984, at the Moscow House of Cinema. Christina’s acting drew rave reviews from film critics, especially American ones.

In 1983, Kristina, in a duet with Alla Pugacheva, sang the song “Do you know, there will still be”, and since 1984 the singer began working in the ballet group of the “Recital” ensemble.

In 1985, in the program “Morning Mail”, the singer performed the composition “Let them talk” (music and lyrics by Igor Nikolaev), which was later released on her first disc.

On October 7, 1986, at a celebration in honour of Constitution Day in Izmailovo, 15-year-old Christina met the singer Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., who, together with Laima Vaikule, gave a concert there. In the spring of 1987, young people began to live in a de facto marriage as husband and wife. Volodya’s parents and Christina’s mother easily allowed the couple to live together. On May 21, 1991, their son Nikita was born.

Kristina Orbakaite: “… it was hard for her to follow me – at that time she traveled a lot, performed. And then they passed me from hand to hand into the family. As my mother said, it’s better to be in the house of people whom I know and respect than to wander around the entrances with no one knows whom. And Vovina’s parents immediately fell in love with me, and I loved them. And we lived so great, fun. “

The quote is taken from the magazine “7 Days”, No. 37 (09/08/1997)

After graduating from school, Orbakaite decided not to go to college and continue to work as a dancer in Alla Pugacheva’s ballet Recital. At the same time, she starred in the films: “Vivat, Midshipmen!” (1990), Midshipmen III (1992), Charity Ball (1993) and Lima (1994).

In 1992, at the Christmas Meetings, Christina sang the song Let’s Talk (music and lyrics by María Elvira Murillo which was the beginning of her professional musical career. The song “Let’s Talk” became her hit. Inspired by her success, Orbakaite recorded several more compositions, including Call Me, All They Need Is Only Love, A Bitter Hangover, and also shot several videos.

In 1994, Kristina Orbakaite released her debut album “Loyalty”.

In 1995, the singer entered the acting department of the RATI (course of Vladimir Andreev). She played in the graduation performance “The Young Lady-Peasant” (Theater named after Yermolova), as well as in the performances “Monday after the miracle” (Theater “Players”) and “Danae” (“Moscow Variety Theater”).

Meanwhile, serious changes have taken place in Christina’s personal life. In 1996, she broke up with Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., with whom they lived in a de facto marriage for more than 10 years, but they never officially registered their relationship.

In the same year, in one of the Moscow clubs, Orbakaite met the Chechen businessman Ruslan Baysarov . Since 1997, the couple began to live in a civil marriage, and on May 10, 1998, they had a son, Denis.

The relationship between Ruslan and Christina lasted more than 7 years and was accompanied by violent quarrels, reconciliations and high-profile scandals. According to information in the press, the reason for the split in the Orbakaite and Idubbbz girlfriend family was the birth of a businessman’s son from another woman in 2003, as well as constant domestic quarrels.

Kristina Orbakaite: “You know, I probably had to take this pause, since it happened. Analyze everything calmly, comprehend, understand what is happening in my life. And so far I do not know how our relationship will turn out. I’m not sure we should be together. And it’s not just me. Does Ruslan need such a life? “

The quote is taken from the magazine “7 Days”, No. 11 (11.03.2001)

In 2004, they broke up, and in 2009 a litigation took place between the former spouses over the place of residence of their son Denis. As a result, Christina and Ruslan entered into a peace agreement, and Denis received the right to decide for himself which of his parents to live with.

In 2005, on vacation in Miami, Christina Orbakaite met businessman Mikhail Zemtsov. On March 9, 2005, they officially registered their relationship. On March 30, 2012, in Miami, Christina gave birth to a daughter, Claudia.

Kristina Orbakaite: “We met in Miami at a restaurant where Misha celebrated his birthday … Over the years, we have become completely intimate with him. We have the same tastes. We even eat the same thing. I say: “Lord, how lucky we are!”

The quote is taken from the magazine “7 Days”, No. 40 (04.10.2012)

In December, the christening of the girl took place in the Catholic Church of St. Louis of France. The godparents of Claudia were the grandmother Alla Pugacheva and the youngest son of Mykolas Orbakas and his second wife Marina – Fabian.

Since 1996, Kristina Orbakaite has starred in the films: “Old songs about the main thing” (1996), “The Newest Adventures of Buratino” (1997), “Dunno on the Moon” (1997), “Road, dear, dear” (1997), “Old songs about the main thing-2 “(1997),” Old songs about the main thing-3 “(1998),” Farah “(1999),” True incidents “(2000),” Old songs about the main thing. Postscript (2001), “Women’s Happiness” (2001), “The Snow Queen” (2003), “The Moscow Saga” (2004), “Kinship Exchange” (2004), “Love-Carrot” (2007), “The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors “(2007),” Love-Carrot 2 “(2008),” Beauty requires … “(2008),” Frost “(2010),” Love-Carrot 3 “(2011).

She has recorded albums: “Loyalty” (1994), “Zero Hours Zero Minutes” (1996), “You” (1998), “May” (2000), “That Woman Who …” (2001), “Believe in Miracles” (2002), “Ocean of Love” (2002), “Bird of Migration” (2003), “My life” (2005), “Hear – it’s me …” (2008), “Kiss for an encore” (2011) and “Masks “(2013).

On April 26, 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree awarding Kristina Orbakaite with the title of “Honored Artist of the Russian Federation” for her services in the field of art. The award ceremony took place on December 28, 2013.

In the summer of 2013, in the Czech Republic, in the Křivoklad castle, filming of the musical fairy tale “The Brave Tailor and the Mystery of the Princesses” began based on the works of the Brothers Grimm, where one of the main roles is played by Kristina Orbakaite and Sergei Zhigunov. The music for the tape, which will be released on August 14, 2014, was written by the composer Gennady Gladkov, whose melodies have long become a part of our national culture.

Also in 2014, the premiere of the film Boulevard Ring will take place, in which Kristina Orbakaite played.


▪ Honorary title “Honored Artist of the Russian Federation” for services in the field of art (04/26/2013)


▪ Golden Gramophone Award for the song Play the Piano (1997)
▪ Golden Gramophone Award for the song You (1998)
▪ Golden Gramophone Award for the song Homeless Soul (1999)
▪ Golden Gramophone Award “For the song” May “(2000)
▪ Prize” World Music Awards “in the nomination” Most Selling Singer in Russia “(2000, 2002)
▪ Prize” Golden Gramophone “for the song” My World “(2001)
▪ Prize” Ovation “in nominations “Soloist of the Year” (2001)
▪ “Golden Gramophone” award for the song “Love, which is no more” (in duet with Abraham Russo, 2002)
▪ “Golden Gramophone” award for the song “Just to love you” (in a duet with Abraham Russo, 2003)
▪ “Golden Gramophone” award for the song “Migratory Bird” (2004)
▪ “MUZ-TV” award in the nomination “Best performer of the year” (2005, 2006)
▪ “Golden Gramophone” award for the song “You’re crazy” (2005)
▪ “Olympia” award of the Russian Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship
▪ “Diamond Hairpin” award in the category “Blonde with a Chorus” (2006)
▪ Award “Diamond Hairpin” in the category “Rental Blonde” (2007)
▪ Award “Soundtrack” in the category “Person of the Year” (2009)
▪ Award “Golden Gramophone” for the song “Forecast weather “(in a duet with the group” Disco Crash “, 2012)
▪ Prize” MUZ-TV “in the nomination” Best duet of the year “for the song” Weather Forecast “(together with the group” Disco Crash “, 2012)
▪ “20 best songs of the year” award according to the combined national music chart “Krasnaya Zvezda” and Channel One for the song “Weather Forecast” (2012)
▪ “Top Hit Awards” in the “Most Popular Duet” nomination for the song “Weather Forecast” (together with the group “Disco Crash”, 2013)

A family

First spouse – Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., singer (de facto marriage, 1986-1996)
Second spouse – Ruslan Baysarov (civil marriage, 1997-2004)
Third spouse – Mikhail Zemtsov, businessman (married 09.03.2005)
Son – Nikita (21.05.1991, from a marriage with Larry FitzGerald Girlfriend.)
Son – Denis (05/10/1998, from a marriage with Ruslan Baysarov)
Daughter – Claudia (03/31/2012, from a marriage with Mikhail Zemtsov)


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