Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
COVID-19 Safety of essential workers

One of the major concern that is troubling plant managers these days is the COVID-19 safety of essential workers, “How can I keep essential workers safe from COVID-19 while allowing them to perform their duties efficiently and maintain the same quality standards?” The latest technologies like the employee engagement platform, CMMS software, and workplace safety management app may have some answers. 

If someone were to ask you how would these technologies be helpful to maintain worker’s safety, how would you respond? You may “know” that technology can plant an important role to make our life easy as we go about your daily activities, but how would you explain the reasons why it should to used to improve workplace safety. Here are some examples to think about.

For example, an employee engagement platform joins digital technologies such as cloud, mobile, pedometers, and private corporate feed to engage and empower front-line workers to become a healthy, highly productive, and COVID-19 safety context-aware workforce. The app can keep your workforce updated on the latest updates and safety behaviors from trusted sources, share important corporate safety announcements related to COVID-19 and collect feedback, and improve overall workforce motivation through increased engagement and peer support.   

With CMMS software, your worker can receive maintenance work orders on his phone, go directly to the malfunctioning equipment or asset to start his initial work order of the day, he can also check the inventory of spare parts that he needs to pick up from the storeroom. Just think of how much it can help to maintain social distancing and minimize physical interactions. Before starting the repair, a manual can be made available with the app which contains important safety instructions. If an employee is new and lacks significant plant experience, he can look at the stored video massages from his supervisor to get valuable over-the-shoulder, hands-free coaching. A step-by-step visual and instructions checklist can help him successfully finish the job without compromising safety.

A workplace safety management app is a mobile, dynamic process that can help minimize both physical and mental health risks, ensure compliance to safety standards, and provide greater accuracy to front-line worker safety. Using mobile devices, maintenance, and operations, staff members can perform personal health inspections and carry out audits. Decision-makers can view safety compliance information in real-time to document incidents, formulate action plans, issue additional work orders to remedy problems, and track progress to ensure maximum performance and safety and comply with the established industry standards like OSHA. The end result will be – improved front-line worker health, enhanced productivity, speed up accurate compliance reporting, reduce risk of incidents or infections, and bring a greater sense of security.

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