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Lola Brooke Age A Rising American Rapper

Lola Brooke is an internationally recognized rap singer. She is also a songwriter, musician & public figure from the United States. She was born on February 1st in Brooklyn. Lola grew to prominence through the release of hit songs. It includes Don’t Play With It, Dummy Dummy Gator Season, Options, and others.  

The release of the music video for 50 Cent in 2002. These songs are given the name of Wanksta. The canon song by Lola received enormous support from the people. She is an inspiration for other people. She picked up the art of rapping from early childhood. Let’s discuss the musical career of ‘Lola Brooke age’ and other important happenings in detail:

Overview of Lola Brooke

Overview of Lola Brooke

  • Lola started singing in local events in 2016 with her cousin Jah. The song of Lola received good support from the people of the USA. Jah helped her in her musical journey. The exact birth year of Lola is not available to the public. She was born on February 1st
  • ‘Lola Brooke age’ was born in the United States of America. Therefore she has received the citizenship of the United States. The exact age of Lola can’t be found at this time. It is due to a lack of information on her exact birth year. Lola appears to be in her twenties as of 2022.  According to her birth date, she is an Aquarius.
  • There’s currently no major info on the family of Lola Brooke. We conducted a deep research. But were unable to locate the parents of Lola Brooke. It is at the time of publishing this article. 
  • The father of Lola died. It was while she was young. Lola was raised only by her mother. We don’t have exact info in case Lola has any siblings. The information on Lola’s siblings is also lacking. Lola is of African-American heritage. She also adheres to the Christian faith.

Influences of ‘Lola Brooke Age’ as a Rap Legends

  • ‘Lola Brooke age’ began her life in the music world. She was born in Brooklyn in the late 90’s. Her mother became a widow just after the birth of Lola. The name of her cousin is Jah. He is with whom she collaborated on Pro Tools music. Jah is the person who is responsible for her musical career. 
  • Her family members were always enjoying music. These gatherings took place in the house of her aunt. Lil Wayne is an artist from the late 2000s. These’re some of her musical influences on people. She also respects notable female rappers. It includes people like Foxy Brown and Missy Elliott. 
  • She also held a conversation with Flaunt. It is about her journaling into a career. She started diary entries. It inspired her to write songs. Her stage name is an amalgam of her city. The Looney Tunes character Lola Bunny is wonderful.

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Lola Brooke Released a Number of Singles

  • Lola released her debut music video. It was in the year of 2017. The song name is ‘2017 Flow.’ Lola then released the song named ‘Don’t Play With It.’ Brooke released a remix in 2023 with Latto. These are the 2 more rappers with massive hits.
  • ‘Lola Brooke age’ released the famous song ‘Here I Come’ in the year of 2022. It is alongside New York singer Maiya. She also made an appearance on ‘Conceited.’ It is in the year 2023. This is somewhat related to the 50 Cent song of the same name.
  • The song named ‘Just Relax’ received good response. It also samples the famous Black Sheep song ‘The Choice is Yours’ from New York City. Lil Momma is the name of the debut project of Lola. She hasn’t yet disclosed a release date.

Role of Lola Brooke in Rap

  • Lola Brooke has performed at a number of concerts. These were displayed by Pharrell at his Water Festival. It is by Future at his performance. It is at the Barclays Center. She has also performed solo at festivals. It’s like Rolling Loud NYC. The recent appearances of Lola Brooke were with A Boogie Wit da Hoodie on a few tour dates.
  • She has more co-signs. It includes those from prominent New Yorkers like DJ Envy. The fact that the mother of Lola was also a huge Jadakiss fan. She added to the specialness of their encounter. During her appearance in the ABC documentary Hip-Hop at 50. 
  • Lola Brooke also shared the stage with a number of legends. She was seated next to MC Lyte. Lola Brooke hosts Melissa Ford for an event. Angie Martinez hosted all of them in a series of events.

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Fame of Lola Brooke

  • ‘Lola Brooke age’ has a good physical appearance. She stands 5 feet and 3 inches tall. The body weight of Lola Brooke is approximately 55 kg. Lola has brown eyes and hair that is light brown in hue. She has a pleasant demeanor. Lola Brooke is beautiful and endearing. Lola has a lovely face and a sweet grin. She dresses in fashionable attire.
  • She became proficient at writing her own tunes. Lola released her first original song, Not the Same. She went on to have multiple successful songs. She became a well-known music celebrity. Her successful songs have made her famous. 

Net Worth of Lola Brooke

  • Lola rose to fame & success in her professional music career. She is skilled in her music work. ‘Lola Brooke age’ is an internationally recognized copywriter. She appears at a number of musical events. Lola is prosperous.The net worth of Lola Brooke is around USD 2 Lakh.
  • ‘Lola Brooke age’ is earning a good living from her career. ‘Lola Brooke age’ is living the life of a professional musician. ‘Lola Brooke age’ receives a good amount of income from sponsorships. ‘Lola Brooke age’ also earns a lot of money from her musical performances.


The story of ‘Lola Brooke age’ is inspirational. It is for a number of people across the globe. ‘Lola Brooke age’ is famous across a number of countries. It shows her patience & commitment towards work. ‘Lola Brooke age’ gained success in the music business as a result of her skill. Lola Brooke is an inspiration for newcomers in the musical field.

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