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The disadvantages of not using an SSL certificate on a website is likely to bring to the surface, many loopholes that can be taken advantage of by the cybercriminals to cause havoc. Now let us consider the situation when SSL is entirely out of the picture.These vulnerabilities can be used to launch attacks on to websites.

The digital world is at its peak. Most businesses have either started having online counterparts to their professions or have entirely shifted to e-commerce and online business management. This has steadily increased dependency on machines, databases, software for the smooth functioning and maintenance of customer, data, overall working of a company.

SSL certificates are an essential part of the security of these modern business platforms or websites. As the internet grows, and more and more web pages and websites slowly come into the picture, it becomes increasingly important to ensure security between the web server and the web browser. Like the internet, as a platform grows, so does the potential threat to stealing the information available on the internet.

The Secure Sockets Layer is a protocol that encrypts the ongoing data between the server and the browser and builds a secure bridge between visitor and the browser. It helps in protection of information during transmission between these two relevant entities. So, if you have a website and are trying to figure out if an SSL certification is necessary or not, read ahead, and you will end up getting one for your company, and for the better, we promise.

Disadvantages of not using SSL Certificate:

Man-In the Middle Attacks

Internet is a substantial global network comprising of various servers and browsers in which data transmits from one network to the other. While in motion, the man in the middle attacks is one of the top risks involved in a website not secured by SSL. Secret relaying and altering of the data in use by a website can be used to mislead and manipulate data. In the absence of an SSL certificate, the data coming in and out is in an unencrypted form and can be easily attacked.

The Active Role of Google

The importance of adopting SSL certification is necessary is inevitable by the fact that Google is these days trying it’s best to pressurize owners of websites to get their websites secured with SSL by marking their websites as unsafe in case of the Absence of such Certification. Google, being a large and trusted and reputed company gives out a strong message to users on the internet, most of which try to stay away from websites marked unsafe, which in turn reduces traffic on the website.

Due to rise in cybercrime and data theft, SSL certificate is required these days. At present, Cheap SSL certificates are also available for companies with a tight budget who still wish to invest in SSL security. Before going for any SSL offering company, be sure to do thorough research and read reviews of customers from trusted online communities and forums. You should look for company’s renewal policy, price/discount offer, support for query, etc.

Data Compromise

Data spills are another essential drawback of not having SSL secured websites. Nowadays, most sites take some information or the other from their users. This information may include personal details like name, contact number, email id, address, etc. and may also include transaction-related data like credit card number, IFSC code, CVV number, etc. In either of these cases, the information passed on from customer to website and stored in the website database is exceptionally critical and sensitive. Therefore, not using SSL certificate for security, may lead to leaks in this data, causing exposure of customer information.

Legal Complications

There may also be a case where lawsuits are taken up against your company based on customer information security which can lead to an ugly state of events and a downhill ride for the reputation of the entire company and its prospects of the business.

Trust Issues and Brand Dependency

With the news of data leaks and security breaches, the relationship built with the customer over weeks, months, or decades is likely to become strained. It takes years to build a reputation, but a few mishaps are enough to bring down the customer’s trust in the brand name and the company policies of client information safety. In the absence of SSL security, the dependency and confidence with which customers provide information to the company website will decrease, and this will adversely affect the business of the company. In this case, the company need an SSL certificate according to business needs and in long run the ROI of business will have chance of increase.

Authorized CA like Comodo and its product Comodo SSL certificates can allow you to secure your website domain by using several different variations of SSL certificates.

At Last

A small yet fruitful investment in SSL can lead to a long-term satisfaction of having your website, its data as well as customer information as away from potential lurking risks as possible. So, what are you waiting for, if you have a website online, make sure to get a secure socket layer certification done as soon and reduce threats and risks to the minimum. Save your data! Save your customers trust. Save the future of the company!

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