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Nimonik’s EHS Software

Of course, having EHS software is a necessity nowadays but why? EHS stands for Environment, Health, and Safety. EHS software is thus software that regulates the system according to the principles that affect the Environment, Health, and Safety as a whole. Of course in the operational context of the industry. This type of software integrates at least two management systems, therefore it requires automation of every process and procedure that is executed.

There are many reasons why a company needs to implement EHS software solutions. Here are some of them:

Mobile-operated online solutions offer more advantages than traditional solutions. An EHS software generally allows its users to:

* Get reports in real time

– Every environmental incident can be tracked and reported as soon as it happens.

– Align company operations with inspections and audits.

– Have a comprehensive vision of all areas of the company’s operations, especially areas that are prone to accidents.

* Very fast access

– Users can act immediately without waiting for a physically documented report.

– Thus the user can save time and resources.

– Responses can be given directly without geographical restrictions.

* Fast actions

– With the information obtained in real-time, the actions that need to be taken can be given very quickly.

– Online incident reporting can reduce the risk of errors.

– Instant alerts for every incident is a standard feature provided by most EHS software.

* Employer training programs could be done better

– The tracking feature provided by the EHS software can guide each worker to find out the cause of the incident very quickly.

– Some EHS software share action plans with their users so that there is a positive reciprocal relationship.

– In the end, the mutual relationship between software providers and users will accustom workers to work according to modern disaster management principles.

– As a result, workers will be better trained and be able to better minimize potential incidents related to Environment, Health, and Safety in the future.

Now you understand why you should implement EHS software in your company’s operations if you don’t want to minimize EHS incidents and handle them better. But there are many choices of EHS software on the market. How to choose the best? First of all, you must identify the EHS risks that are “connected” to your company. To help you out, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

– What information do you require at all times?

– Do you have any other management system that you want to automate with the same platform?

– What is the software installation and implementation process like?

– What is your budget?

– What type of training or training on software management does the manufacturer offer?

– How much do the cost of the upgrade?

– On how many computers should I install the software?

– What is the additional cost for each piece of equipment?

Nimonik inc.’s EHS Software is the best thing you can get after answering the questions above!

This is one of the most advanced EHS software on the market. This software is able to offer information about all areas of your company in real-time and safely.

With Nimonik’s EHS Software, you can:

– Manage all external obligations according to government regulations and modern industrial standards.

– Extract internal obligations from your company documents.

– Keep track of all relevant industry regulations and be aware of changes that may have been made to them.

– Take actions that are really necessary.

– Plan actions that need to be carried out in accordance with internal and external obligations.

Nimonik’s EHS software can be operated on a mobile basis and this software is very powerful because it has access to no less than 2 thousand free checklists. Not only that, but you can also create your own audit template and you can run it on your device even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

EHS software is an integral part of the modern industrial world and Nimonik is the best EHS software provider for you.

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