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Nowadays, computers have become part of daily life, in everything that we do. Technology has become vast and brought about viruses.

What is a computer Virus?

A virus is a piece of code, whether short or long, that can copy itself and have the crippling effect of corrupting any system software or destroying data. However, they can both still destroy data and corrupt the system simultaneously. Computer viruses have become a challenge in this modern era due to the intense damage they cost.

What is the difference between malware/viruses etc.?

You may think they have the same meaning, but that’s not the case. Malware is a computer term used to describe any malicious software regardless of its working principle, function, or intent or how it is intended to be distributed. A virus, as mentioned above, is a type of malware that harms or corrupts the system software or files within it. Viruses have been prominent from the early ages when commercial internet and networks were introduced. Malware can be classified into five types which include  Worms; which tend to replicate and spread over any network. Next, ransomware demands users affected pay off a fee to regain their system properly, usually in bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. Next is the scareware, where you are frightened to the point you buy or purchase something; you probably have come across this one. Adware and file malware are the last two types of malware where adware uses unwanted advertisements and collects information about the user. When we come to viruses, they can only be categorised into a few types. A person can spread executable files with a virus and have them spread over a network or can either take advantage of the computer programs and support macros. Nowadays, hackers can even modify their code and send polymorphic virus that replicates and even encrypt themselves. There are so many differences that can differentiate malware from a virus.

Does any computer need an anti-virus software?

Indeed, any computer should be protected against the malware and viruses mentioned above so that you can use your pc without any stress of any damage. Getting anti-virus software that updates itself is way ahead of protecting your computer or laptop. You may never want your private or important data to be hijacked by someone on the outside cause it can cause you a great deal of stress; hence anti-virus software is advisably recommended.

Is it possible to hack any software, and if so, how dangerous could it be?

A hacker can breach your software, and the effects can be catastrophic. Here are some of the many serious effects a hacker can have on your software. A hacker can control the setting of your computer, meaning with a software breach, he/she can control how your hardware works. It can even go to the point where your laptop stop functioning due to changes made. E.g. a hacker can change power supplies from software crashing down your computer system. A hacker can steal money from your work program software, such as online banks and transfers. It’s a risk you would prefer to avoid taking. You can also be at risk of your information being sold out to external forces, and I’m perfectly sure you wouldn’t want that. Your data is secretive, and it should stay that way.  There are many effects and damages that can be caused, that’s why you need an anti-virus software program.

Is it possible to spy through any camera?             

It is possible to spy through any camera; with recent technological advances, hackers or regular people can spy on you from the webcam on your computer. The existence of spying apps and programs has perfectly proved this. A recent study has indicated that most people spying up are learning students.

Which software is the safest?

There are many protection programs on the internet, but getting the right one can be hectic; Avira has proven itself quite reliable in protecting you against malware and virus that may attack your pc. Avira has one of the best programs, such as the Avira anti-virus pro and others. Visit Avira and get your free anti-virus program. Choose Avira as your protection partner today.


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