Sun. Apr 21st, 2024
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In this tough job market, the competition has increased manifolds. The expectation of the employers is more and there is more pressure on the candidates than previously. You as a candidate have to present yourself differently and more effectively than others. Let’s discuss a few points which you can use during your job quest.

Carry out effective search

You should be on your toes while it comes to searching for a job. Always look for latest job notifications in newspapers as well as websites. For government and public sector jobs, notifications appear periodically in public domain. In private sector jobs, along with notifications, you need to use any sources like employee in any organization to get information about possible openings there.

Update your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Always have your curriculum vitae (CV) or bio-data updated with your latest job experience, qualifications and achievements. You cannot afford to have any mistakes in your CV. Also, always have the thought in your mind as to what best you can do at present, to add more achievement to your CV.

Use job sites to your benefits

There are many job search portals available on internet. You can create your profile in the most famous job portals and upload your latest CV. It may work in your favor as many companies access candidates from various job portals to call for the selection process for any particular domain.

Hone your technical skills

You should aim for a continuous improvement in yourself, to present your candidature effectively. For this, you should hone your technical skills, based on your domain. Also, having a good knowledge of any computer language shall always work in your favor, in any domain. You may also plan for a higher degree or a diploma, in order to increase your job prospects. If you are already in one job, then a qualification after some job experience will boost your chances for a better job.

Refine your communication and soft skills

Employers always look for the candidates who can present their thoughts in an understandable manner. This needs a good communication skill. Hence, you should refine your oral as well as written communication skills. You can also plan for learning a foreign language, which can be an added advantage. You should analyze your strengths and weaknesses and look forward as to how you can use your weakness as your strength.

Use your contacts in corporate

In private companies, you can get your CV moved internally to the HR department, for consideration, in case there is any job opening. This is done when the CV is forwarded by an employee of the organization. Hence, you can make use of your contacts in private companies, to get an interview call.


The job scenario is very competitive nowadays. You need to be proactive in your search for the latest job notifications and openings. Aim for a continuous improvement as discussed above to present your candidature effectively and land in your dream job.

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