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Enzo Zelocchi the Upcoming of the new Hollywood Leader

When we say that Enzo Zelocchi is the ‘New Upcoming Hollywood Leader’ we don’t just talk about his enormous and outstanding acting talent. Starting as a model with great dreams, the star-covered every role in Hollywood as an artist and executive. Enzo’s unique drives to create and inspire others is something rare in today’s society.  

Enzo is a creator with great visions and he received over 75 AWARDS in Film Festivals. Enzo Zelocchi is also the Founder of A-Medicare structured to become Amazon for healthcare worldwide. Enzo’s estimated net worth is between $10 Million to $25 million.

Enzo Zelocchi work in showbiz

Zelocchi’s newest endeavor is an exciting one that is aimed to reform entirely the American and worldwide healthcare system. He is the founder and CEO of a cutting-edge company named A-Medicare, labeled the new ‘Amazon’ for healthcare. With his innovative ideas he already gained lots of attention and interests, if you have not heard this famous name ‘Enzo Zelocchi’ before, be ready to hear it a lot in the upcoming years. Enzo is well-known, gifted, charming and talented actor. Zelocchi’s awards and achievements received great attention of big Hollywood decision makers during the years, starting from his project ‘My Little Princess’. 

Enzo is doing business in several industries with a special attention to entertainment and healthcare. Enzo is using his ability to aid the poor by helping resolve a healthcare global crisis. He is the founder of A-Medicare. Enzo got an incredible reputation as an actor, producer, writer, and director. Hollywood have embraced this brave, sexy, incredible and magnetic Italian American artist and business man. Up to date Enzo Zelocchi received over 75 AWARDS in Film Festivals.

He currently has a fanbase that will champion any of his projects; with more than 7 million Instagram followers, he is positively taking the world by tornado. With an outstanding amount of wisdom, Enzo has a solid and established experience to lead any project to the maximus success.

Enzo Zelocchi new project

He is currently creating four new movies “War of Honor Retribution,” “The Cost of Justice,” “The American Crime Lord” and “A Crypto Tale”. It is perfect to say that Enzo is a winner machine set to success. 

Enzo Zelocchi – Afternoon in Paris

Enzo Zelocchi – “NO WAR” – Trailer

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