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Information has appeared on the Internet that the new generation of Apple smartphones may bring a long-awaited change in the context of internal memory capacity. One of the models of the iPhone 13 family may offer up to 1 TB of storage space.

One of the biggest problems with Apple smartphones over the years has been insufficient internal storage capacity, especially in the cheapest variants of specific models – a problem exacerbated by the inability to expand with a memory card.

However, these inconveniences may partially disappear with the launch of new smartphones of the iPhone 13 family. Perhaps Apple will offer customers a version of a new smartphone equipped with 1 TB of internal memory.

Apple predicted huge sales of iPhone 12 with 5G modules.

 Apple wants to order up to 100 million iPhone 12s for next year. So far this year, the company expects to sell about 80 million devices. This quantitative leap is dictated by the fact that many more people will want to have a phone already in the 5G standard next year.

It should be added that this while DigiTimes’ assumptions are based on the fact that the company wants to increase production. However, this is a rather audacious goal. In particular, although the company’s revenues are growing, sales of iPhone have been plummeting lately. Everything, therefore, will depend on what people want to buy. Of course, many believe that Apple is already late on the market. Influential models of smartphones are coming out at a comfortable price, which already has the coveted 5G standard.

iPhone 14 may come with a 2TB internal storage option

Until the premiere of the iPhone 14 series is almost a year, but there are already rumors about new Apple devices. The latter concerns the internal memory in the company’s latest smartphones.

These reports are based partly on the fact that Apple recently doubled the internal storage capacity of the iPhone 13 – the Pro and Pro Max versions hit the market with 1TB storage. If the source quoted by GSMAren is correct, next year, we will see the iPhone 14 model with 2GB of internal storage.

It is not known at this time which models will receive such an expansion. But if Apple plans to add storage, it will likely be in those variants with higher than usual iPhone shelves, i.e., Pro or Pro Max. It is possible to increase the memory from 512 GB to 1 TB in the ordinary, although these are only assumptions. Details will take a long time.

Currently, the iPhone series is one of the toughest on the market. The company may soon change the name of its product slightly, namely: Pro.

All because of a particular Twitter user, who, however, does not reveal his identity.  

Apple wants to show three new iPhone models next month. There will be two smartphones with OLED displays and one cheaper one with an LCD screen. The company still hasn’t tackled serious problems . Recently, smartphone sales have dropped again, and, even worse. Apple is losing its previously ardent customers.

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