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Everything You Need to Know About Sex Dolls

Just a few years back, asking someone about sex dolls would get you a weird look followed by a quick topic change. However, the taboo and stigma surrounding them are slowly lessening with each passing day. Today, this part of the adult industry is booming, and there are as many models and choices to choose from as there are tastes. 

If you are looking for the perfect sex doll to warm your lonely nights and make all your wildest fantasies come true, we can help. We know that choosing one with so many options can get overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. That is why we made a little guide you can use to find the perfect sexy companion. Read on as we break down everything you need to know about sex dolls.

Sex Dolls Defined

Put simply, sex dolls are masturbation toys that fully resemble a human being. They can come in all shapes, sizes, and body types, and you can use them in many different ways. But their most important purpose is simple: they should give you the greatest pleasure you’ve ever experienced. 

Most people think that sex dolls are a fairly new invention. Although the high-tech realistic dolls most people have in mind indeed are modern, the concept itself is rather old. We can trace it back to the 17th century and sailors who used to make pleasure dolls out of rags and cloth. 

They would use these dolls during their long voyages when the touch of a real woman was just a fond memory. Although the purpose of the dolls has stayed the same, the ones we have today are much more improved than their predecessors.

Nowadays, there are so many sex doll options you can get dizzy just by looking at them. Some of them can even move or emit sounds, while others are paired with AI technology and resemble robots. However advanced a model you want, there are some important things you need to consider when looking for the perfect doll.

A Guide to Sex Dolls

    • The Doll’s Features

Most modern sex dolls on the market resemble a real-life woman to an almost freaky extent. The manufacturers achieve this by working with doctors who help make the toys as anatomically close to humans as possible. That includes both the physical appearance and the way being with the dolls feels. 

The vagina, mouth, and anus are all identical to that of a living and breathing woman, save for the fact that they are not naturally warm or wet. But there’s a solution for that as well. Most models have a feature where these organs heat up as soon as you start using the doll. Additionally, you can always use lubricant for an even more natural and enjoyable feel.

To see just how realistic the dolls can get, check out this list of the best dolls currently on the market. It will show you that these models are truly worth your time and money. 

We should also mention the fact that most companies allow you to make your own sex doll. You can pick any size, shape, body type, skin tone, hairstyle, makeup, and outfit for your doll. That way, you will no longer have to dream about the perfect woman. With just a few clicks, you can put her together yourself.

  • Suppliers and Manufacturers

A sex doll, like any other sex machine or toy, will touch and be close to your most intimate parts. For that reason, you need to know it is safe for use and won’t cause any allergies or irritation. To ensure that, the doll’s supplier and manufacturer need to be reliable and have a great track record. 

There are numerous options when it comes to sex doll companies. However, not all of them are a good choice. Some of them could scam you, while others could sell you something potentially harmful. Avoiding these manufacturers is pivotal for getting your money’s worth. 

Always look for suppliers who have a long tradition in the business and a lot of great customer reviews online. Getting in touch with someone who has used a certain doll is also a great option. They could tell you their experience first-hand, which is always desirable with this type of purchase. Either way, make sure you do a lot of research, and always consult different sources before making a purchase. 

  • What Can You Use the Doll For?

Sex dolls can give you pleasure in virtually any way you can imagine. Oral, anal, or vaginal sex — anything you want, you can get. The material of the doll resembles actual skin perfectly, so you’ll be able to fondle it and get the full experience each time. Some men also prefer Doll Wives that are customized and resemble their partners (in traumatic cases of partner loss).

If the doll is flexible, i. e. if its limbs can move and bend freely, you’ll also be able to enjoy it in any position you want. Whether you like to be on top, do it standing up, or you want to admire the view in the cowgirl position, you’ll be covered. 

Whatever your preferences, make sure you use them to choose the perfect doll. You should enjoy it to the max, so don’t be scared to ask for exactly what you want. 

  • Think About Your Budget

Last but not least, you need to think about how a sex doll fits into your budget. These toys are rather expensive, so setting a price you’re willing to pay might be a good idea. That will narrow down your choices and enable you to choose the very best features for your doll. 

Get a Sex Doll and Say Goodbye to Lonely Nights

As you have read, a sex doll might be the perfect way to bring pleasure into your life. These dolls are hyper-realistic both in looks and the way they feel, and you can customize them to your needs. We hope our guide helps you get started. Don’t waste any more time. Go get your doll, and kiss your loneliness goodbye. 

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