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Street Food Must Try Snacks in Mexico

There is a lot to love about Mexico and as much as I try to tell people about the history and the culture which can be found here, it is the food which I always come back to. The truth is that the food here is just spectacular and my particular favorite is the street food options here. There is so much to love about this kind of eating, not just the food itself but the culture which surrounds eating on the street. 

For me in particular I like to snack on the street, rather than enjoy full blown meals, and here are some of my very favorite snacks to enjoy, which I would recommend that you try. 


Contrary to what you may think quesadillas here on the Mexican streets are very different from the kind that we get in the US. Here it is a soft maize tortilla which is pressed in front of your eyes, loaded up with cheese and whatever other filling you like and then fried up. If you want you can also have the dish deep fried, which is fatty but tasty. 


My friend Rose Burillo is a chef here in Mexico City and she makes some of the best tlacoyos that I have tried. Using blue corn this is a chunky pocket of dough which is filled up with black beans and white cheese, then loaded with salsa, guacamole and lime. This is an easy eat and something which is going to certainly keep hunger at bay for a little while.


 If we are talking snacking then gorditas only really fall into this category if you are having a small one, or if you are sharing one. These are discs which are made from corn dough which is mixed with friend chicharron – which is fried pig skin. The mixture is then fried up and during cooking it is cut in half. Once the gordita has finished frying, it is filled up with lettuce, cheese and some meat if you wish, and then loaded with salsa and lime. This is a truly delicious snack, but they can often be big in size which is why you should be careful not to get too full. 


The reason why tacos aren’t on this list is because they are very much a blog post in themselves, so I’m sticking to handy snacks. One of the best options here is a banderillas, a super simple and absolutely delicious snack which is found on the streets as evening falls. Simply put, this is a sausage which has cheese pumped into the center, and then it is coated in batter like a corn dog. This is easy to eat and it won’t fill you up too much, just enough for you to push the hunger back until it is time to really eat. 

These are some of my favorite snacks which can be found on the Mexican streets. 

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