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Tech careers are highly in demand, and anyone who is comfortable coding can probably find work in some capacity. There are many positions, however, that are extremely well-compensated and offer valuable benefits. To get one of these positions requires a different skill-set, as well as a different mindset. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to working in tech. While some people feel that working for a smaller agency that doesn’t provide the lucrative income that many programmers hear about means you are not a competent programmer, that is not true. Getting these jobs requires dedication, and once you have the job, you are expected to earn that income. For some people, having a job that pays enough, and allows them to go home at the end of the day and not think about work is a priority. If targeting one of these high-compensation firms is something you have in mind, there are some steps you can take to make yourself stand out from the competition.

Earn Your Degree

Tech is known as a field where you can prove yourself to get a job. While many job openings, even at high paying companies, do not require a college degree, it certainly puts you ahead of the competition. As a bonus, during your time in school, you may be able to land an internship at one of these companies. Receiving a return offer after graduation is the most seamless way to transition into a career. If you are concerned about paying for school and are tempted to jump right into the job market, consider private student loans. These loans allow you to pay for tuition and living expenses while attending school. Once you graduate, you will be well-placed to find a lucrative position.

Strengthen Your Coding Skills

You will be asked to code as part of the job interview process. You need to be comfortable coding on the fly, and be able to talk about what you are doing and why while you are coding. Even if you are comfortable coding at your computer, sitting by yourself, you can expect an entirely different situation while interviewing. Online coding challenges allow you to sharpen your skills, but you should also plan to interview as much as possible. The more you do, the easier the process becomes.

Work on Your Soft Skills

Many people feel that having strong technical skills will be enough to score a job. The fact is, working for large companies requires more than programming skills. You need to have strong communication skills as well. The ability to listen to others as they explain the project, ask relevant questions, and speak in a way that others can understand, is vital to your role as a successful programmer. With large companies, projects move through multiple layers. Something you thought you were finished with may get kicked back for changes that were never mentioned. You may spend days sorting through lines of code looking for a bug. The work can be dull and frustrating, so it is important to have a temperament that can handle the rough days as well as the days where you spend time writing and running successful code.


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