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Bonjour! Ready to rent an apartment and live in the city of love, lights, and Haute Couture? Then this guide is precisely for you, mon ami

It doesn’t matter why you are moving to Paris. Maybe you’re fulfilling your wildest dreams (oh là là), having the best voyage of your life, or just going on a business trip: in any case, you will enjoy this city as much as others do. 

But here’s the problem, you’re moving to a new country having almost no practical skills and knowledge, it’s a high-risk path you’re taking, quel dommage.

If you’re not sure about your experience and abilities, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you know how to rent a decent apartment? Or are you familiar with the basic rules you need to follow?  Who should you work with, and who can you trust? Is there a chance you can lose the apartment?

If you don’t have answers to any of the questions mentioned above, don’t worry. We made this guide specifically for people like you who want to enjoy their stay in Paris to the fullest, without encountering issues related to renting an apartment or handling the tenant-landlord stuff. 

1. Take a look around the neighborhoods 

If you still haven’t rented an apartment in Paris, it is the perfect time to look into the neighborhoods of Paris and understand which one fits your needs. 

Also referred to as arrondissements in French, they are administrative districts and are arranged in a clockwise spiral. These areas are incredibly different and attract foreigners with their unique offers and charm. 

For example, the 4th neighborhood is the liberal and artsy part of the city. All the famous cultural centers like Centre Pompidou are located right here! 


However, while the 4th arrondissement is where you can satisfy your cultural needs, the 8th is home to leading fashion houses. 

In other words, every neighborhood is different and unique, and you need to understand which area you want to build your nest in before even looking for an apartment. 

2. Pick your channel wisely 

Choose a channel that you will use to find the best apartment in the city. It can be a real estate agency or a website operated among tourists and people planning to move to Paris. 

The best part about working with agencies and specialized websites is the rich database of apartments. This is an excellent opportunity to see available options for short and long-term renting, and what is even more important, they don’t charge much for the service. 

3. Understand your needs as a renter


Go for an apartment that meets all your needs and requirements. Pay attention to the monthly rentals in Paris, what exactly is included in that price, the condition of the apartments, and other details that will eventually be a part of your everyday life. 

For example, there are two types of apartments for rent – non-meublé and meublé. This means that you can either rent a furnished apartment or just a place that you need to furnish yourself. 

4. Get your dossier ready

Once the costs, conditions, and requirements are carefully observed, prepare your dossier. The latter usually includes your ID information or scan of your ID, a French guarantor, information regarding financial resources, and so forth. 

Of course, every owner has different requirements, and you just need to understand what they need: if you get everything right, you will have no problem with the renting process! 

5. It’s time to settle!

Are you ready to rent an apartment in Paris? Then sign the lease and make yourself at home. You can give the agreement or le Contrat de location to a friend that knows the language (or preferably to a friend whose native language is French ) so that you’re not deceived or scammed. 

Of course, even if you’re working with a legitimate rental agency or specialized website, it’s not a guarantee that you will avoid scammers. In any case, it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

In other words, signing the agreement is the final point of your renting journey. 

Now, you can buy a croissant from a boulangerie-pâtisserie, make some tea and enjoy the Parisian atmosphere from your apartment.

More extra tips on renting an apartment in Paris

Extra Tip #1 

If you decide to live in Paris for a while and look for an appropriate apartment, try contacting local rental agencies. They have professional brand ambassadors who can help with your renting issues and find the perfect apartment for you.

The process of renting an apartment will become easier due to brand ambassadors. You can find them online and ask your questions by phone. 

By the way, if you are also interested in the renting field and want to know how to become a brand ambassador, consult with local ambassadors or just find tips online. 

So, it’s not that hard to find a good apartment with convenient conditions, and why not a good job in Paris.

Extra Tip #2 


Ground floors and 1st-floor apartments are always cheaper than the ones located higher. 

And no, the apartment itself is not problematic. The problem is the security of the apartment you are going to live in. 

Even though Paris is a relatively safe city in terms of murders and other heavy crimes, it doesn’t mean that things like robbery do not happen here, especially when it is easy to access first-floor apartments! Theft has an index of 65.00, which is considered high based on numerous surveys and studies. 

So, be careful and ready for similar things in Paris! 

Extra Tip #3

Remember the arrondissements


Transport is the criterion most renters consider if they hesitate and don’t know which neighborhood to choose. While looking for an apartment, make sure your options are near the metro station or close to your university. 

Paris is a big city where you need to have proper transportation since otherwise, you will waste your energy moving from point A to point B instead of focusing on other things. 


Now, you’re ready to rent anapartment in Paris, c’est sur! 

Of course, living in a foreign country has never been easy. Still, once you know everything about the ins and outs of the leasing industry and how the renting process works, you will be ready even for the most unexpected situations and upcoming challenges! In case of further questions, feel free to contact us now! 

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