Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Having a sound memory and the average attention span can prove to be beneficial for students and professionals alike. These two factors can be critical for an individual’s performance in any environment. Lack of focus has become a common problem among people as they are easily distracted from work. 

Concentrating in class has always been challenging for students, especially if the lessons are two to three hours long. Boredom strikes right in the middle of lectures, and students are unable to attain the same level of concentration as at the beginning of the class. Similarly, those working in offices sometimes find it challenging to maintain the same concentration levels as at the beginning of their tasks. Therefore, all you need is proven methods to promote better concentration and focus. Here are four ways for better focus for both students and professionals.

Create A Timetable Or Follow A Routine

Having a set pattern of work helps in getting things done on time and in an efficient manner. You can improve your focus by planning your day and following it accordingly. The lack of organisation in your daily activities results in prolonged procrastination and takes your attention away from work. 

The best way to plan is to include mini-breaks in between your tasks to avoid losing concentration and help you freshen up and resume work with an alert mind. You can also make use of customised planners to help you organise your work or complete academic tasks – the main idea here is to stick to plan and complete it successfully.

Avoid Distractions

Since the average attention span of individuals is short, we are often swayed by slightest distractions in the environment. Either you are studying at home or working in an office, disruption tends to get in the way of work. 

The first step towards avoiding distractions is designating a quiet place for working or studying that is at some distance from the rest of the activities happening in the surroundings. The next step is removing anything that you feel might distract you. This can include a mobile phone, music players, television, tablets, or anything that might be tempting for you. When all of this is set aside, you will be able to focus on your work more effectively.

Prioritise Sleep & Physical Activity Each Day

Not many individuals are able to function properly without an essential night’s sleep. Different studies have suggested that lack of sleep interferes with your ability to learn and remember information as you are unable to pay attention or focus properly. 

While many a time, our working or studying hours prevents us from getting the right amount of sleep, that does not mean we should forget about rest. Even in such circumstances, seven to eight hours of sleep should be a priority, and effort should be made to attain adequate sleep before resuming work the next day. A healthy sleep cycle might do wonders for you as you can start your day with a fresh mind. This can help in retaining and improving concentration and enable you to perform better.

The same goes for physical activity too. Exercising on a regular basis is thought to be one of the most effective ways to improve mood, concentration, motivation, and memory. Physical activity immediately activates dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin levels in the brain – all of which affect your focus and attention.

Use CBD Products To Improve Focus

Sometimes you do not want to or get time to try out all remedies intended to enhance concentration because either you are tired or too lazy to do so. In such times we often look for easier and convenient methods to help us improve focus. One such way is using CBD products that have shown proven results to improve memory, focus, and concentration. 

One particular product is CBD oil that has shown promising results for improved focus and memory. This oil also reduces anxiety, relieves pain, promotes a better mood and can be used in conjunction with exercise for better results. This remedy is easy to use and does not involve a lot of hassle. Various products like CBD capsules, oral tinctures, gummies, vape pens and many others can be easily ordered online or purchased in speciality retail stores, depending on your country. This is a must-try if you want to try something new or don’t feel like following all other remedies.

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