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Beginning an aquarium journey can be exciting and daunting. For a start, a fish tank is a big investment both if you are pursuing a casual hobby or you are a serious enthusiast.

The chances are that you will start as one and become the other when you see how much fun there is to be had with an aquarium of your own.

What is important is to make sure you get off to the right start, whatever path you are on. Here you will find sound advice to choose the best fish tanks for you.

Saltwater or Fresh Water?

When you start you need to determine what kind of tank is going to be right for you in your home. The reason why a lot of people keep tropical fish is that they can be beautiful to look at and observe. It’s why so many are tempting to buy. But you must examine the logistics involved in owning some of these very sensitive species before you commit to purchasing them.

It is well known in the world of fishkeeping that saltwater and tropical environments tend to need more maintenance than their freshwater equivalents. This type of fish is very specific when it comes to temperature, environment, and pH. It’s the reason why a saltwater aquarium is generally more expensive to maintain. They are not a good choice for beginners.

It’s worth bearing in mind, especially when the idea of a colorful tank is so appealing, that freshwater fish are as pretty as their tropical cousins! The ones to chose are tetras, or fantail guppies, or even cichlids, and discus. you can also visit for aquarium service los angeles.

Size, Temperature, Filtration

Once you’ve chosen your fish, it’s time to begin constructing the environment that will suit them. You’ll need to consider the main factors. These include the tank’s size, its temperature, and whether or not there is adequate filtration.

Decide in advance about the number of fish and other aquatic creatures you plan to house. A rule of thumb is to go for a slightly bigger tank than initially may be what you think you need. Your fish and you will then have room to grow with your passion for this hobby.

The next aspect to consider is what is going to be your aquarium’s ideal temperature range. Tanks operate best when they are housed away from drafts and not in direct sunlight. If it’s necessary don’t scrimp on investing in a heater. It will help you keep the tank’s temperatures constant and the fish comfortable.

Tanks need high-quality filters. It saves you time when you need to clean the enclosure to make sure that your fish are healthy and happy. Good water circulation also assists in the maintenance of adequate and appropriate temperatures.


The best part of fishkeeping is decorating a new aquarium! It’s not only fun to make your new pastime look spick and span, but adding decor like substrate, plants and castles gives your fish an enriching habitat in which to live, hide and forage.



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