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The morning of Monday, The Bronco group was placed at the heart of controversy when the group’s legendary members issued an announcement on the defection of Ramiro Delgado junior who, up until today, January 4, 2021, was the group’s accordionist and keyboardist. The announcement was a shock to his loyalists who had become part of the Monterrey group following the resignation of Ramiro Delgado’s father, the recently deported.

According to the information provided by Bronco the musician was able to leave the group that was famous for its songs such as With Heels and Sergio the dancer to devote himself to things that are not related to music. The message reads: the message that was circulated:

“The decision was made voluntarily for personal growth, so we support his desire to undertake new projects that are not related to music (…) At the moment we will focus on finishing our production 2021and very soon we will introduce you to the member who will join the groupand with whom we will ride together to continue telling our story “

A Mexican regional band, comprised from Lupe Esparza, her kids Rene as well Jose Adan, and Javier Cantu and Javier Cantu, thanked Javier Cantu “for the time that he was part of this family called Bronco wishing him the best of successes on the road ahead.”

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The news stunned fans, many of who have been supporting Apodaca in every project they have for many years. The fact is that the original group of Apodaca is nearing completion of 40 years of history that has developed a huge following in Mexico in addition to Latin America.

Yet, and despite fact that the closing of Ramiro Delgado’s cycle Junior in Bronco occurred in a seemingly consensual and friendly manner however, the fan base has changed into negative remarks about the group that is led by Jose Guadalupe Esparza.

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While some of his fans have expressed their support for Bronco In the comments section of the press release that is in question the majority of messages are in opposition to the decision of the singer in the group.

“Again, Lupe?”, “Bronco without Ramiro or Ramiro Jr. is not Bronco”, “I would love a woman to be there, it would be the coolest thing, it would be the first time that a woman joined the group after almost 37 years of experience “, “I think that identity is lost, what chance that Ramiro dad retires due to problems with Lupe and now Ramiro son, that already sounds bad”, “It makes me that Lupe just wants her family in the group”, “Well then, he will no longer become the Bronco, Ramiro is a Bronco. Try a different name such as “Los Esparza”, better “

“In itself, he no longer felt that he was a Bronco, now less”, “This group was great, but people from the group always come out, I read that Lupe is not fair to them”, “What a mess you create Bronco. Every day, the group is dying, legal farts and the shows”, “And what are you going to do? You can’t play the accordion by yourself? It was so good that I loved him, and also the other “,” In case Bronco has ended and without Ramiro or Javier it’s not new. Ambition and greed have ended with the group that was fantastic the other day. Now to continue to pity your arrogant and greedy snouts Lupe “

This isn’t the first time that issues have been raised inside the Bronco: In 2019 the end of Ramiro Delgado Jr. who was a in the Bronco group for over 30 years, was revealedand formed a close relationship with Lupe Esparza, which ended with his exile.

Delgado condemned an unjust pay distribution, as well as an inability to comprehend his health issues, since the accordionist experienced changes of the blood pressure of his.

“The truth is, I’ve been baffled. The straw that cut the camel’s back was the date that we were able to have on March 1st. I felt that I was mistreated not only by him, but also the children of his. Sad, all because of my health issue. He even informed me on Thursday last week to pay on my share of the funds and it’s gone, “Ramiro revealed in an interview with the show This morning.

To her part, Lupe has been reluctant to discuss what transpired, arguing that for Ramiro she will always hold an intense love.However, Delgado announced in September of 2019 that he was pursuing two legal cases against the group, a decision that did not please the fans who are protesting again today.

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