Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Dark Spot Remover

If you’re like me then you love getting out in the sun. I love the sunshine so much that I know that I spend too long in it without the proper protection. The result? Well, more dark spots than I would like on my hands, arms and face and it led me to go and try out what a friend described as the number one dark spot remover on the market.

Now, I’m not someone who usually spends too much time researching anything and so I took my friend at her word and I tried it out. It was from a company called Perfec-Tone and it was something that I started using as part of my daily skin care routine.

I started Seeing Results After Just a Week

I was told not to expect results too quickly and so I didn’t think that I’d see anything to begin with and for a week or so that was the case. Then at the beginning of week two, I started to notice that my dark spots were beginning to fade – I was so happy!

All I used was one pump’s worth directly on my worst spots and a few dabs on the others. All in all it took about 4 months for the number one dark spot remover to completely eliminate what were some really dark areas. That’s something I didn’t expect when I set out.

One note of caution that I’ll give you from experience is that you should try and avoid getting any of the product near your eyes or mouth, as I did by accident and it caused me a wee bit of irritation. Nothing major, but enough.

Don’t Use With Resurfacing Cream on the Same Day!

Something else that I found out along the journey to dark spot-free skin is the fact that you should avoid using your dark spot treatment on the same day as a resurfacing cream. I’ve got mildly sensitive skin, so I found that when I used a resurfacing cream on the same day as the number one dark spot remover, I noticed a little reaction. 

It was nothing major and it may have been just a subjective thing, but if it happened to me, it can happen to you, so for that reason, I’d avoid combining the too to be on the safe side.

Was it the Number One Dark Spot Remover?

Honestly, I haven’t tried that many dark spot treatments, but what I can say is that out of the few I have bought, it was by far the best one. They all worked to a certain degree, but the one from Perfec-Tone actually sold me on the whole dark spot treatment concept as I hadn’t previously thought that the results justified the effort.

Should you be in a similar position and you’re not sure which one to try for your own dark spot issues, I’d happily recommend Perfec-Tone’s. And that’s purely from experience – as I still haven’t seen any kind of advertising to sway me one way or the other.

Do with this information what you will, but it gets my endorsement and I think it will get yours too. Well, that’s it from me. I sincerely hope that this blog helps someone and if that’s you, then even better! 

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