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Baby shower Invitations

Your guests will love to see a little of your creativity on the baby shower invitation cards. Although there are many ways to make this a reality, handmade baby shower invitation cards are beautifully fit for such an occasion. They actually add some personal and thoughtful creativity to the whole event.

As we all know, baby showers are special and every mom wants to make a baby shower a memorable moment. So, leave your guests astonished by the creativity in these handmade baby shower invitations.

If you are considering a baby shower for yourself or you are throwing a baby shower for one of your friends, you can consider handmade baby shower invitations. Though, you should know that making your own baby shower invitations is not as easy as it sounds. It’s actually easier buying them from a party store.

This doesn’t mean it’s totally hard or impossible to try handmade baby shower invitations, they are actually easy to try when you have enough information about the same. If you face any issues with these, it’s always wise to go for web baby shower invitations.

What’s the advantage of making your own baby shower invitations?

Making your own baby shower invitations is very profitable, here are some of the reasons you should choose making your own baby shower invitation cards rather than buying them from a local store.

  • A show of creativity-if you want your guests to mark your creativity, it’s actually a good thing to choose handmade invitation cards. They are unique and one of the kind cards for such a special occasion.
  • They give a personal touch-Creating a single baby shower invitation card for each of your guests makes them feel special. As a matter of fact, such cards add a sense of sentimentality to the invitations.
  • Make the occasion memorable-a handmade piece is something that your guest would choose to hang on the wall and remember the day throughout their lives. If you want to make your day memorable, start by making the cards unique and beautiful.
  • Matches everything-Regardless of what you want to include on the invitation cards, you can make a custom card that will match whatever you want.

Handmade baby shower invitation card ideas

People have different preferences in the way they create handmade baby shower invitation cards. Some will prefer shelter in place baby shower invitations while others will go for owls with button eyes or a moving caterpillar for their invitation cards. Here are some additional ideas:

 Baby Onesie

This is a good handmade baby shower idea for a baby girl. You just have to make an invitation card in the shape of a cute onesie and you are good to go. Additionally, customize the onesie with the words and whatever else you want.


This invitation card can be customized to look girly or even boyish. They can also be made to represent a twin or be neutral in case you are waiting for a surprise gender.

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