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Are you living in overcrowded place/home? If yes there is a high probability that your home must have ample of loft spaces that go unutilized because they do not have proper flooring. They remain as dark, no-go to areas while the entire home appears to be cramped. There are a range of benefits of boarding out a loft, some of them are as follows:

  • You can create a usable space for storing rarely used products.
  • You can declutter storage spaces and creates a more spacious home.
  • Inhibit heat loss and helps to reduce heating bills.
  • Increase your home’s value in the long run
  • Utilization of existing storage solutions
  • A cheaper alternative to external storage solutions

As we can see that there are a number of benefits of Loft Boarding, now let us look at the actual cost involved in the entire installation process. As, there is no predefined cost for boarding a loft, it will depend on a number of factors, including the loft area, the type of boarding you’re using, and numerous other types of considerations that are as follows:

  • The size of loft required
  • The quality and price of your chosen materials (Boarding system)
  • Reason behind loft boarding ( Storage)
  • If an access Loft Ladder or hatch is required

There are various ways by which you can prepare a loft, the most obvious one is to hire a professional or you can DIY. If you are someone who is considering it as DIY projects, then this article is for you, follow the below mentioned steps to board a loft:

  • Preparation- Preparation is the most important thing, it is way by which you prepare for the upcoming project. To begin boarding your loft, ensure that you have the correct safety gear in required such as include overalls, gloves and a dust mask, as well as shoes that allow for easy movement.

  • Measure the Loft Area- It is one of the crucial things that we have to note, it gives you an idea the number of loft boards you’ll need. Always ensure that the boards you decide on will actually fit through your loft hatch.

  • Insulation – Before you start laying any boards, always check the depth of your insulation. For it to be thermally effective, you need to have right calculation so that the loft fits perfectly.

  • Add Support- Always ensure that while installing loft boards, it is important to ensure that the insulation within the loft is not squashed down, as this reduces the effectiveness of the insulation, thus it becomes important to install support if required.

  • Add infill- When you install a loft there will be gaps withing the loft that. These gaps can be filled with pieces of infill and secure them with screws as you would with normal-sized loft boards.

Boarding a loft might be within the skills of an enthusiastic DIY amateur, but if you are looking to alter a loft hatch to make it wider for installing a loft ladder, it will require an experienced professional. It is always advisable option to hire a veteran Loft Boarding Specialists

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