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How a 1300 Number Can Increase Your Customer Response

All across the Australian business world, 1300 numbers are quickly becoming an essential tool. These numbers have grown in popularity among businesses both large and small. They account for well over half of all auctioned numbers in Australia since 2004. Australian 1300 phone numbers are also known as local call numbers. Businesses use these Australian phone numbers to receive incoming calls from clients and customers.

1300 number is a virtual number that requires a monthly fee and can be used in various ways according to the terms of use. Like a toll-free number, a 1300 phone number lets customers reach your business from a landline anywhere in Australia for a low untimed charge. The numbers can have any answering point determined by you. This means that inbound numbers can be answered by your mobile phone, business phone number, or any other Australian phone number that you have access to. You can manage incoming calls based on time of day, scheduling, or staff availability with answering point flexibility.

In addition to providing the ability to shift between answer points, 1300 numbers can benefit your business in several other ways. Over time, the number could become an essential part of your branding and marketing strategy. In addition, these numbers can help contribute to your professional identity and improve your customer service abilities. Let’s take a look at how 1300 numbers can increase your customer response.

Personal Touch

Unlike landlines or mobile numbers, 1300 numbers come with a particular perception. When you have one of these numbers for your business, callers perceive that your operation is large enough to deal with incoming calls. Callers also know that they’ll speak to someone who can help them. In general, customers believe that they will get a more personal and immediate response by calling a business with a 1300 phone number. When customers don’t want an impersonal live chat, they want a personal conversation. As far as customer response is concerned, people who wish to speak to companies will likely choose to reach those with 1300 numbers.

Customer Service


As discussed, one of the significant benefits of 1300 numbers is that incoming calls can be directed to any phone number. This allows business owners greater flexibility and availability for answering all incoming calls. You aren’t just restricted to answering calls during business hours or when someone is in the office. This kind of availability is what customers desire from businesses they want to work with.

Customers enjoy this business anytime format. With 1300 numbers, companies don’t have to miss business opportunities again by letting phone calls go unanswered. Customer phone calls can be directed to various convenient avenues and allow for quick and appropriate responses.

National Phone Numbers


Since 1300 numbers are similar to toll-free numbers, they are national numbers that can be used in all areas of Australia. This eliminates the need for multiple numbers in various states. Additionally, it makes your business more accessible to customers as they can reach you from almost anywhere in the country. Having a 1300 phone number also gives the impression that your business is a national operation and can increase customer inquiries beyond your local area.

Appealing Numbers

Since service providers allow businesses to choose 1300 numbers, you can select a format that uses specific numbers or words. Selecting a number that incorporates names or words can give your number a more personal feel and make it more appealing to customers. It also provides an association that directly relates to your business or industry and will increase the likelihood that customers will remember it and call back. For example, 1300 BYE BUG is an excellent example of an appealing number for a pest control company.

1300 phone numbers can prove to be versatile tools for businesses of any size. These phone numbers provide a great way to manage calls and help build your business reputation and customer service abilities. 1300 numbers can help companies to stand out and increase customer response.

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