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What is so Perfect about Windows Movie Maker 2021

The perfect thing about Windows Movie Maker 2021 Free Download is that it is the best movie maker ever for beginners and not-so-professional users who would like to make video postings and short films.

It is excellent without the tons of features to confuse you, yet you have everything at your fingertips to start your editing work seamlessly. For instance, you don’t have hundreds of templates as some high-end movie makers, but you still have enough of them to excellent editing work and unique film production.

It is straightforward and easy to manage software when you have downloaded the same from a reliable online website like Topwin-Movie-Maker.Com to avoid any error or virus attacks later. It is dangerous if you try to download the software from unauthentic sources as most online sites do not have error-free software.

Simple Layout and Unambiguous Features

The Windows Movie Maker 2021 Free Download layout consists of a Storyboard view and a Timeline view. You will also find collections for organizing all imported videos and a sound preview pane. If you set it in Storyboard view, then the video project would show each scene in clips.

The Storyboard/Timeline consists of a single video with an audio bar, one Titles/Credits bar, and one Music/Audio bar. You can add clips on each bar during editing. You can also import images into the Timeline, and these may be stretched to the desired number of frames you prefer.

In other words, the video and music or audio bars can be cut into short segments and seamlessly played, although the individual components are segregated for editing. Users can lower the sound of music while characters are in conversation.

Users can capture videos on the camera, scanner, or other devices, or users may import them into user’s collections. The accepted formats for importing include WMV/ASF, MPG, WMA, AVI, WAV, and MP3.

Easy to Use Features

For importing digital video from cameras, a FireWire interface camera will allow recording and playback of quality images as good as the original recordings. However, to get this, you must import and save it as DV AVI files, although it consumes disk space at about 1 gigabyte every five minutes. You may otherwise use DV cameras that allow high-quality playback.

Again, as already stated, any clip can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the Timeline. On the Timeline of Windows Movie Maker 2021 Free Download, these clips can be split, duplicated, edited, and repositioned. There is an Auto Movie feature that offers pre-defined editing styles, enabling users to make high-speed movies.

Users have the opportunity to add and customizing titles for videos. There are several animations to choose from as well as fonts. You will find the features suitable when you wish to slide, spin or zoom.

Stabilization is yet another critical feature that you can see in the Edit menu. You can easily edit out the shakes and wobbles which your camera makes during shootouts.

You also have good transition features for making professional movies with various options like slides, curls, wipes, patterns, and reveals.

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