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best CA Final result

Best CA Final result.CA Final very challenging and important exam of Chartered Accountancy.CA final study is the depth and detailed study of previous both courses of Chartered Accountancy CA foundation and CA Intermediate.

Students can take the CA final examination after completing 2.5 years of Articleship training and successfully clearing CA foundation and CA Intermediate.

After the hard work and patience of two and a half years, the time comes when you have to face the biggest challenge of entire Chartered Accountancy and that is CA final.

Where your all knowledge, hard work and memory are tested.

The result of CA Final generally lies between 8%-10%. More than 75% of students take three or more attempts to crack it.

They lose focus on studies during the 3-year articleship period. It is impossible to cover CA final syllabus in just 6-month preparation leave.

But if you want to achieve your dream to be a Chartered Accountant so you have to work hard until you get the best CA final result. 

Qualifying for the CA final exam is not a massive task. Anyone can get the best CA final result by planned approach and dedicated efforts.

Planned Approaches to get the best CA final result

Here we are enclosing a few planned approaches, following them with dedication.

 They help you in organising the preparation, enable you to do smart work rather than hard work and crack the CA final examination in the first attempt.

Detailed but selected study

Too many books and too much study material often make you confused. First, ascertain your requirements and finalise books in accordance with it. 

You will lose your interest if you start studying from so many books and try to grasp all the study material.

You need to study with selected but effective study material. And try to understand the concepts in depth.

Prioritise the topics

If you want to do selected study you have to prioritise the topics. Often questions are repeated from some topics.

Prioritize those topics according to the importance of topics and on a frequency that how many times questions have been put up in the previous years.

For prioritising the topics you can go through past years’ questions papers or you can opt for the Mock test paper series.

Studying this way you can avoid a load of preparation.

Practice Manual

Practice Manual by ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India) is the very prompting source to give your studies.

The trends show that there are so many questions in the exam from the practice manual. At the limited period of preparation, you must be thorough enough in the practice manual.

There are two advantages of practice manuals: first, you come to know about the pattern of papers and second about important topics.

Mock Test

Mock tests give you the insight to understand the topics. Taking multiple MTPs you have come to know about your strength, drawbacks and areas of requiring improvement.

When you have come to know about the areas where improvement is required you pay more concentration on those.

Mock tests will make you able to solve questions at a fast pace. Generally,  Mock test follows the same pattern as the real exam. Having held the same type of questions will benefit you in the CA final exam.

Updated with Amendments

If you want to get the best CA final result so along with studies you must have to be updated with amendments.

THE entire CA syllabus/ subjects are amendments without any prior information. You need to be current about the subjects to know it.

It is advisable to closely follow ICAI and update with amendments.

Prepare Revision Notes

Always summarize each topic which you have completed and make revision notes that are very helpful in revising the topic during the last days of preparation.

Include important questions in it. So that you can have an idea about important and difficult topics of specific subjects.

Revise at least thrice

Revision is the key to success. The more you revise the topics then chances become rare to forget at the exam time.

We tend to forget formulas and theories if we do not repeat them. Revision is vital to keep the topics cemented in mind. Try to revise at least thrice.

Enroll with best CA institute

No doubt you can study CA Final yourself but to get the best result in CA Final you are required to get professional guidance for preparations.

CA coaching institute is fruitful to provide appropriate guidance and study tips. They can educate you with the right method of learning.VSI can join for guidance and preparation for CA final.

They brief you the short tricks and certain ways to remember difficult topics. So that it remains in your mind and you become able to perform well in CA Final examination and get Best CA final result.

Have a look  at VSI-The best CA final institute

Vidya Sagar Institute is the best CA coaching in India. It follows robust ways to enable students to crack the CA Final in the first attempt. VSI keeps their students updated with amendments and study material. They conduct Mock Tests multiple times during the preparation period, That covers previous years question papers, questions from practice manual. Revision test papers are specially prepared for last-minute studies.

Summary of the blog

We have provided some good approaches. You may follow it to get the best CA final result.



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